Looking To You by writerforever

Now that You have saved me

Now that I have true 'life'

Things have been fighting me

It's as if Satan is waiting to attack me

He uses anything and everything against me

Lord I need Your help

Lord I need Your guidance and strength

Strength to keep on serving You

Strength to defeat the battles that come upon me

I'm lost without You Lord

I'm weak without You Lord

I'm alone without You Lord

I know I can be stubborn sometimes

I know that I mess up and sin

Lord I don't want to do anything against You

But Lord things get hard

And often times I don't look to You

I don't look to You enough when troubles and temptations come

Lord help me to look to You

Lord help me to see Your light in the darkness

Lord help me, please help me

Because I'm lost without You

I can be a little independent sometimes

I stray from You sometimes and get ensnared

Ensnared in Satan's evil trap

Lord forgive me

Lord help me to look to You

For when I look to You the darkness fades