The Seers; By Shion: October 14, 2004

1: Boy of Shadows

The shadows hold a secret. A boy with black hair, eyes and clothes lay in the shadow. He looked up at the sun, not flinching or squinted. His hair was long, flowing out of the shadow slightly, people stepping on it without even knowing. He also had long bangs that went to his face, obscuring his vision somewhat. But he didn't seem to mind, and he didn't ever blink. He seemed fully aware, but also dead. It was hard to say how people missed him, it was a sunny day, and he lay in simply a shadow from a corporate building. Some people waltzed right over his torso, and he didn't blink, and they never stopped. A few even dug stilettos on his face, but he didn't even mumble, or get injured. A woman stopped and kneeled, wearing a maroon suit shirt and skirt. She had light brown hair, long to her elbows and brushed behind her ears. She had large gold hoop earrings, and glittering blue eyes. She seemed overtly skinny, obviously trying to look like some super model. She smiled, her lips pink. She held her hair behind her ears, a black brief case on her thighs as she looked at the black clad boy. His eyes didn't show signs of seeing her, still staring blankly.

"Staring at the sun can give you wrinkles, not to mention eye or skin cancer." She said humbly, getting no response. "Are you okay? Shouldn't you be in school?"

"Go away." The boy mumbled, his voice scratchy and mono toned.

"Well that's rude." The woman stood, taking her brief case to her left hand. "Fine then." She walked off. The boy remained laying there, people walking on him without care.

It was long into the night before he sat up, scratching his head. His long hair's tips still danced on the concrete, and the night runners walked over his legs. He stood, looking up at the sky, only seeing black, no matter how clear it was. The city's light fogged their vision, and the citizen's dreams couldn't even reach the building tops. The black clad boy sighed, walking with the crowd, letting the people guide him. The most of the crowd's dispersed to bars, casinos and apartments. The boy wound up somewhere on the opposite end of town by sunrise. He lay down in the shadow of an apartment building, the early bird workers driving over him. He resumed his previous state of watching the sun go across the sky. No one stopped, no one went around him, no one even noticed him.

With the sunset, he stood once more, walking with the people. For seventy days, and seventy nights, he followed this system. Through even two feet of snow, as winter drew near. On the seventy first day, he did not lay down. He instead walked into a lavishly decorated building and took off his jacket and t-shirt. No one was in the building, and as the cloth hit the floor, it disappeared. He walked up the stairs, red velvet carpeting hiding the steal noise from his shoes. His chest was covered with scars, no trace of hair on his bare upper body. His long black hair stayed nervously still as he walked. He made his way up flight after flight of stairs, never pausing to look around, people walking by him without care. He kept climbing stairs, making to the roof. His steel heeled shoes clacked on the concrete, and he slipped them off his feet, pulling off his socks as well. They too, simply vanished into the floor beneath them. He continued on, walking to the edge of the roof, looking down at the people who could be stepping on him. His left bare foot swept to the air, stopping the dreams that were already fading. He whished his foot back to the ledge, crouching. He tapped his fingers to the edge, leaping off the building, his hair fluttering. He soared across the city, landing softly on the next building. The dreams that faded under him broke as he continued walking.

His hair picked up in the wind as a plane went overhead. His long bangs danced over his eyes as they closed for the first time in all the days he spent on the streets. He took a deep breath, his face still blank, his eyebrows askew. When he opened his eyes again, images of people who had been near or over him flashing in them, over fifty times faster than they had actually gone by. In just a few minutes they were all replayed, and his eyes went white.

"Study on humans, recorded. One in twenty-nine hundred thousand and twelve able to see the seers." He said blankly, then blinked. His eyes returned to being black as he walked to the next edge of the roof. He swung his left foot over the edge, but didn't swing it back. His right foot stood on toe, his arms spreading to be parallel. He leaned forward, not even remotely shocked by the long drop. His eyes stayed wide open as he stood on toe, falling forward towards the ground, not a care in his mind. But as he hit the ground, the shadows simply absorbed him. Life in the city didn't even skip a beat, the boy with long hair who lied in the shadows was never noticed.