The Seers; By Shion: October 16, 2004

2: The World Under

The world spun upside down until the shadow boy stood on a black marble floor. Demons, monsters, apparitions, ghosts, spirits, goblins and creatures of the undead roamed the same ground, but the shadow boy didn't seem to care. His black eyes, clothes and hair blended with scenery. He walked to a tall, mirror-plated building that was somewhat shaped like a pencil, with six sides. The doors slid open by themselves as he walked in, hands in his pockets.

"Hey kid, how'd the report go?" A man in a business suit of black with graying hair asked.

"You already got it in. Figure it out yourself." The shadow boy shrugged.

"Atokata-shonen!" A girl's voice yelled. She came running from an office into the main room where the ceiling reached to the roof of the building. She had bright red hair, contrasting greatly to the others, that was pulled into a tie at the base of her neck, flowing behind her as she ran. She had silver eyes and wore a black dress.

"Hn." The black haired looked to her as the old man walked off.

"You're late Atokata-Shonen! What were you doing?!" She yelled.

"Working." He said simply in reply. She huffed, her hands firmly on her hips.

"As Mother would have said, 'all you ever do is work and come home late'!" She sighed.

"Quoting Mother. Hn, I thought you were creative." The black haired turned and walked from the building once more. She huffed, hurrying after him as though he was running.

"You're never at home anymore! What do you expect me to say to you when you finally show up?" She whined, keeping at a run alongside him.

"I don't like it here." Atokata-Shonen sighed, his hands still in his pockets as he kept his eyes closed, walking.

"You prefer getting stepped on by mortals?!" She screeched.

"Yes." He stopped as she gaped. "Look Shinsei, I am not like you, and I am not like mother or father were."

"How can you say that?!" She sobbed.

"By using words." He walked away from her. She huffed, wiping her tears.

"Atokata-Shonen--" A hand hit her shoulder. She looked up to see a demon man standing there. She blinked, then hurried to hug him. "Oh Rikai! Why must brother Atokata-Shonen be so mean... and cold to your kind?"

"Shinsei... He just does not yet understand." The demon boomed.

The shadow boy walked at his overtly fast pace away from the two. He ran his hair through his fingers, pulling it into a rubber band. Only a few strands escaped, getting in front of his black eyes.

"She's just foolish. Cross-breading with these vial things as if it's naturally. Humans like her aren't meant to reconcile with these creatures, and he knows it more than her. Idiots." He shook his head, suddenly stopping. "Look, I'm in the mood, but it's not the time."

"Aw." A voice chuckled as a human-looking demon landed in front of Atokata-Shonen. "Ato doesn't want to play?"

"No, I just have stuff I need to do before I can. You can accompany me if you'd like Wakamono." The black haired smirked. The demon had fairly long dark blue hair and green eyes, the hair shaking into it as he stood properly, his black robes swaying.

"Oh fine. You know about Shinsei, you shouldn't talk. Or are demons not as bad as the others, since we were created from humans?" The black robed smiled, walking with Atokata-Shonen, not seeming to notice exactly how fast the human was.

"I've told you before Wakamono, demons came from needles and innocent children. For the simple fact that one of my ancestors injected that needle, I owe demons my compassion. However, monsters, apparitions, ghosts, spirits, goblins and the undead are not worthy." Atokata-Shonen stated, walking to a tall staircase. He began to jog up them, Wakamono keeping in stride.

"So it bothers you that demons were created by someone who's blood rushes in your veins?" Wakamono blinked.

"If you wish to call it that." He stopped at the top of the stairs, hearing the billow of Wakamono's robes.

"What business have you with Master Shiori?" Wakamono asked.

"She asked to see me." Atokata-Shonen stated. "Probably she already has another mission for me."

"Aw." Wakamono pouted.

"Took you long enough to get here." A short woman with long gray hair and whitening brown eyes walked in front of them. She wore monks' robes, holding a tall staff.

"Wakamono slowed me down. Plus Shinsei whined at me." Atokata-Shonen shrugged.

"I don't care." She growled. "You've got a job to do, I expect you to get to it. There's a girl, fourteen years old in America up top that needs a little help, you're going to give it to her."

"Aw." Wakamoto sighed.

"Don't get too depressed Wakamoto, you're to go with him." Master Shiori lit a rather long pipe, putting it her mouth and puffing out the smoke.

"He's a demon Master Shiori, he wouldn't be understood by her." Atokata-Shonen stepped forward.

"Yes, he will be. She's the type who would need more than words to be convinced she needs a hand from supernatural." Master Shiori said simply. "HA!" She smacked her hand forward, both of them warping into it.

"Besides." She bit the pipe. "You need some time with her, and him."