I count your love every day,
And I always bless your heart,
For even when you left my arms,
You never really did part.

I count the ways you held me close,
Or the way you kissed my lips,
You never ran from my words,
You never raised your arm to hit.

I count the times you whispered promises,
All of which came true,
I can see in your eyes purity,
You knew you had it too.

I count the times we'd just lay there,
We never did have lust,
You loved me just for me,
We truly did have love.

I count the ways you said goodbye,
I thought you'd always come back,
But that proves even love can be wrong,
Although it was never love we lacked.

I count the ways I was told of you,
Of exactly how you died,
I remember the silent words,
The way you last said goodbye.

Why did you have to leave me here?
You new I needed you,
My life I can't go on with,
You left me far too soon.

Why did you take that rope?
Tie it around you're neck,
Didn't you remember me?
And the way I loved you back?

Couldn't you see the tears?
And the ways I hurt myself,
Why did you leave me alone?
To die upon this shelf.

I count the ways I loved you,
And the ways you loved me back,
You never had to leave,
It was never love we lacked.

I count the times I sit,
And the tears I silently cry,
For a love which need not have left,
For a longed for last goodbye.

I count the times I saw your face,
And that last smile on your lips,
Goodbye my darling I love you,
Goodbye but no last kiss.

By Siobhan
Date: 26/October/2004