As I came upon the house, the house of eleven and thirteen drive, I pondered. I pondered a thought that should not have been thought. For a family with such a well bread background is not thought to be any sort of evil. Any sort of evil at all, no matter how miner. I decided to visit my friend of old. The last time that I saw him he was just as boy in school. Now as I hear it he has a family with a wife and children, two to be precise. The incredible size of the mansion still could not hide the feeling of an eerie presence. It just didn't feel right around there. The forest that it was surrounded by seemed to let in no sunlight at all. I had been riding my horse for such a very long time that I did not seem to notice weather or not it was still the day or night time. My car could not travel here to this place, for there were no roads, thus I could not understand why a family with such wealth would wish to live here. I was never told of what exactly my old friend did for a living. Thought I knew that he had money to support his family. Did he ever, the house was enormous and the ground that it covered was equally massive. I had to have been riding that horse for hours. Taking my horse out to the barn for some rest, water, and feed, I then turned and walked over to the house. The door was very large, a stone color to match the house. There was no color of any type on the house; it seemed to be just a very large rock, in the shape. There was a single button that was illuminated as the door bell. When I depressed said button, there was no sound. Confused by this I once again pushed the button, and again, no sound. I was just about to nock on the door it's self, even though I highly doubted that anyone at all would hear me at all, when it opened. There stood a boy of a height of five feet. Quite a tall lad for he was catching up to my height.

"May I help you sir?" said the boy. He had an odd accent, as if there were something in his mouth while he was speaking.

"I am an old friend of your fathers, I was wondering if I may speak with him for a while. I haven't visited him in such a very long time" I answered the boy with a smile. "I shall check if he is in sir" said the boy with the up most respect, "Perhaps you would like to come in from outside?" "Yes, thank you very much" I answered him with the same smile as before. As I stepped into the house, it was incredibly dark. There was very little light at all inside, in fact, the only source of light or heat at all was a few lit candles and a small fire. As soon as I crossed the threshold of the house I caught a chill that seemed to go all the way up my spine then back down again. The goose bumps that formed on my arms would have been visible from across the room had there been any light. The boy ran up a flight of stairs that were at least 5 feet across. He ran quickly up them, almost as if he was floating. Shortly after this, a man of a stature of norm had seemingly appeared in the hallway. He was dressed in very elegant clothing, a very nice white shirt, and black pants. And of all things, my old friend was wearing a cape. The cape too was black but had a red underside. The cape went against the floor and around his body so that I could not have seen his shoes. "What sort of business do you have here sir?" he asked me. His voice was clear, and strong, just as I had remembered. "What is the matter Kaleb, you don't recognize your best friend from back in High School?" I had asked him. He squinted his eyes as if in thought, trying to remember, then his eyes widened and he cracked a smile. The fact that he showed no teeth in this smile didn't set off any bells; after all, I did not remember every little detail about this man. He could have smiled like that while we were in high school. "I can't believe it is you, how long has it been old friend?" he asked me. "Too long old friend" I answered as he came down the stairs. When he reached the landing and walked over to where I was standing he embraced me. This was not unlike him either, but he was so very strong now, I could not understand due to his size. "How have you been, what have you been doing with yourself?" he asked me as he broke the embrace, his eyes bright with anticipation. "Well I have been quite well old friend and my career as a biologist is picking up quite rapidly" I answered him, with and equally excited expression on my face. The pigmentation of his skin was extremely pale, though not very notice able without much light, and even that did not set off any red flags. I never gave it a second though due to the fact that he lived in such a dark place. "I must compliment you on your house but I have to say that you could have picked a better location" I said to him as I began looking around the vast room that we were in. He just smiled that same toothless smile, see, and his lips were the only thing that smiled, he showed no teeth what so ever anytime that he smiled, as previously stated. Something seemed very off about this but I thought nothing of it. "Well old friend, how about some dinner?" he asked me, with that same odd smile. "Dinner would be absolutely wonderful" I said, and to my great relief, I realized that I was about to eat. I was taken into a great dinning hall that was absolutely massive. The table was set to seat a lot more than was going to be there. Of course my friend Mr.Calisto sat at the head of the table. I sat a few seats down from there. When my plate was brought out to me, Mr.Calisto just had a large goblet. My plate was filled with food. A very large T-bone steak, mashed potatoes of an orange color due to the cheese flavor. There were also and assortment of vegetables. "Not that they already aren't, but if you would add garlic to these mashed potatoes, they would be absolutely perfect" I said to my friend. When I said the word garlic, you would think that I just told them that he had a gun held to his head and if he blinked again would be fired upon. I gave him a very perplexed look, and then he began to explain. "You see old friend, I cannot stand garlic at all. I am, allergic to it" he said. I never remembered that from the old days, but some allergies are acquired over the years, therefore, I once again looked past this brilliantly red flag. "A thousand apologies my friend, I did not know" I said very desperately. A smile cracked on his face again. "No worries, I did just acquire this unfortunate allergy not to long ago. Only a few years" he answered me. At that moment I realized just how cold the table under me was, and, even thought the chair I sat in was cushioned and quite comfortable, I realized that not one thing in the entire house was made of wood, including the table and chairs. "What do you use to fuel your fire?" I asked innocently. "Wood" he answered simply. The peculiarity of the no wood in the entire house went away with that statement. "Will your wife or children be joining us tonight?" I asked him. "Shortly" he answered, staring straight ahead deep in thought. As if in answer to my previous question two boys of the ages of around 13-16 walked into the room and seated themselves. One I recognized as the one who had answered the door. And just a minute behind them walked in one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my entire life. Standing around shoulder height for me she had dark hair that was only rivaled by the darkness and mystery of her eyes. Perfect curves on every inch of that lustful body made me tremble just to look at her. My mouth had dropped open and I then saw that she was wearing a very elegant night dress. The color was a very deep crimson color. I closed my mouth and took a moment to catch my breath, at which time she decided to catch my gaze. Our eyes were locked for what seemed like an eternity but was, in fact, only a few short moments. She continued passing to sit only one seat from my old friend. This meant that she was only two seats away from me. I was about to make a comment on how incredibly radiant his wife was when another women that was equally as beautiful walked into the room. Her eyes were an icy blue; he was about a head taller than the women that walked into the room just before her. This was his wife I decided, due to the fact that she sat on the other side of him. "Now that they are all here, allow me to introduce my family" he looked at me and said. "Yes, thank you" I answered awe struck. "The boy on the far end of us all is Michele, the one next to him is Kaleb the second, and the lovely woman sitting next to you is my daughter, Laura" he said, then looked to the woman right next to him. "And this is my wonderful wife, Olivia" he said with admiration on his face. The servants that brought me my food brought the rest of the family the same type of goblets as Kaleb. Looking at Kaleb he knew my question and shook his head. Another red flag that I just pushed out of my head. That night after supper, a servant showed me to my room. I lay in bed and pondered all of the odd things about this family. "No wood, allergic to garlic, no sun around any where, only goblets of mysterious liquid for their dinner, what does this all mean?" I asked myself. Just then someone had come into my room. I bolted upright and looked ahead to she Kaleb's daughter, Laura. "Can I help you my dear?" I asked her. Silently she walked over to me, every movement torture to my passion that boiled my blood for her. She walked over to my bed side and looked at me expectantly. I slid over and aloud her to climb in with me. This made no sense; she had to be at least 20 years younger than I. She threw her arms around my neck and began to kiss me. "Laura, what are you doing?" I asked out of breath from the heated passion that coursed through my very nervous system. "I know that you feel for me, and I have equal passion for you, do you choose to give in as I have?" she asked with a luring smile. Once again, no teeth. I could no longer keep control of myself. Her voice was like sweet, sweet music to my ears. I could stand it no longer; I took her in my arms and took her to a place where only few women have been with me. When all was finished we lay in bed, just holding each other. She began to kiss my neck. I let this go, enjoying her company and enjoying every second of her very presence. That is, until it happened. All of the sudden I felt a sharp pain in my neck as if she had bit me. I pulled away from her and put my hand over my neck. When I pulled it away I saw blood. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I yelled louder than I should have. I threw my clothes on very quickly and she watched my every move. As I left the room I ran into one of the sons, he made a lunge for my bleeding neck. I firmly planted my foot into his stomach before he got very close and ran as fast as I could for the door. Just then my old friend appeared at the door way. "Kaleb, I demand and explanation. What the hell is going on around here? Two of your children have just tried to bite me!!" I exclaimed to him. Just then he tilted his head back and laughed, with his mouth open. Then I saw it, the answer to my questions, I saw the protruding canine teeth, his fangs. "Oh hell no" I said to myself and turned to run in the opposite direction. However when I turned I saw the other boy, his mother, and sister standing before me. The blood was pouring from my neck and I was weakening. I knew for sure that if I didn't get out of here soon I was in a lot of trouble. As I began to wonder just how I was going to get out of this house without having to get through these monsters, I realized that I had to face them. The best part, not a darn thing in the whole house was made of wood.
"Why do you fear us sir?" the boy asked me.
"It could have something to do with the fact that you want to eat me" I said to him in sarcastic tones.
"No sir. We do not wish to eat you, simply drink your body fluids" he said with a smile that revealed his fangs.
"I'm sorry but I can't allow that" I said to him with anger rising apparent in my voice. The boy charged, and I remembered my days as a boy when I would fight the others that were bullying my friends and I. And I connected his face with my fist. He stopped and held his mouth. The boy spat onto the floor, and I saw a fang with blood hit it.
"You are going to pay for that" the mother said to me.
"I already am" I thought to myself as my fist throbbed with pain. The boy was quite finished fighting, his sister and mother however.were ready and willing. My strength was fading quickly and I had no choice but to try to get out. There was one way out of the house, and that was through Kaleb. I turned and ran down the stairs as fast as I could, if I was going to live, then I was going to have to go like hell. I put my head down and ran full force at Kaleb, common sense kicked in at the last second and I realized that I couldn't see where I was going, and stood a very real chance of snapping my neck in half. I brought my head up in time to see my old friend reach his hand out and catch me in mid run. He lifted me into the air effortlessly and tossed me into the next room. I simply lay on the floor, bleeding. The pale moon light was all that lit the room, except for the fire. Then it hit me! The fire, it had wood in it! Kaleb only laughed as he watched me begin to crawl to the fire. There was naturally a rod to poke at the fire with sitting next to it. I used this to spear a sharp piece of burning wood. Sitting up, I took aim and flung the burning stick right at his chest. The fire was hot enough that after the wood entered his chest, his clothes caught, sending him whirling around the room like a mad man. I made a break for the door with the little strength I had left, and I made it. Knowing that I couldn't hesitate, I headed for my horse. My strength was ebbing quickly, as I had lost a lot of blood, which I could feel running down my arm from my neck. The last thing I remember was seeing the most beautiful woman standing over me as everything went black.
When I awoke, I was in a comfortable bed, lying next to an incredibly beautiful woman. I recognized her as Kaleb's daughter. Sitting up I took a look around and saw that I was back in my room that he had assigned me. I let out a great sigh and fell back into the pillows.
"It was just a dream, just a silly, silly dream." Laura was stirring around beside me.
"What was a dream my dear?" she asked, and smiled at me. When I saw her fangs protruding from her mouth, I immediately place my hand over my neck to find two, scabbed holes. My eyes got very wide as she slid over and put her arms around me.
"Relax; you are one of us now." I couldn't understand what she meant, and then I felt my own fangs with my teeth.
"We can be together for ever, and share last night's passion as often as we choose" she told me with a large smile. I mulled over this prospect for a few minutes, and eventually came to the conclusion that it wasn't so bad. She must have felt me relax, because she then rolled over on top of me, straddling my waist. Tossing her hair back, her silk nightgown moved out of the way for me. Yes this life will not be so bad after all.
"I must ask you my dear, how old are you really?" I asked her curiously before we began.
"Much older than you conceived, your friend Kaleb was tricked into thinking he was our father, but I would never do that to you. You and I will have our own children." I simply smiled and decided to start that process right away. When we were finished, I began to explore the house. I saw Olivia down by where the fire was, a huge pile of dust lying next to her.
"I'm sorry Olivia," I said, "I did what I thought I had to do. She only shook her head and walked toward the door. I knew what she was doing, and I didn't stop her, it seemed proper some how. I knew that I was the master of this house now, and I was going to do things the way they needed done.just as soon as my first child was born. My name is of no concern to anyone, but you know me without. I am what breathes down your neck when no one is there; I am the bump in the middle of the silent night. I am what symbolizes fear, and I will come for you.