The Monsters

Rotten inside,
Broken in a rotten time,
Monsters pulling at my barely living flesh.
They make dawn and dusk merge,
Distorting my mind,
Warping my thoughts.
They want me to kill.
Bring them victims slathered in blood,
For thier feast.
Torture me to do thier bidding.
After I am enslaved,
I do not think I shall ever wake to sanity again.
They make me fear everything,
Shadows that lurk on the walls...
Now I hear every scream,
Every cry,
I feel all the pain,
...All thier pain...
They gave me this curse,
The one I cannot lift,
And still wish for a taste of my blood,
Though I feel I have no more left to bleed.
Somehow I push on through the pain,
And I don't want to,
Those bastards' wickedness wills me on.
I have no more energy to scream,
No tears left to weep,
...No knife to cut with...
Lies echo around me,
But I see no one to hear.
I see the broken mirror in the corner,
And realize I have long since forgot the sight of my reflection.
But I don't want to see it.
My eyes must look empty,
Like this soul.
My skin marred in so many places,
So many times.
They stole my beauty and the rest of my life.
Gave me empty immortality,
When I wanted to die.
I watch as the monsters take more lives.
More spirits.
More souls.