Some remnants of identity
As far as the eye can see
Nightmarish reality
Remain alive to be bereaved
Lines of treacherous shower blocks
No room to stand inside the box
The rhythm of a new mass grave
No man returns, no man was saved

Men marche in line to end more lives
The agony cannot be described
A homeland lost, damnation gained
Humanity can fail again
This punishment is so extreme
And what is left to be redeemed?
A final glance at clouds of grey
The smoke entombs another day

Death throes replace dances of old
Despite the heart, all blood runs cold
Experiences scar the soul
The abyss plays a leading role
Only traitors will survive
The moment that death comes alive
As smoke blots out the summer sky
Men know their families have died

A crime against a way of life
They burn a child, they burn a wife
The bodies are reduced to nought
Never think another thought.