Irreparably degraded
I walk into the smoke, leave you behind
In the debris of a shattered mind
Demented to the point of pain
Will I see your face again?
What matters most
Is that one of us must burn

Fragmented twitch - DISTRACTION
Divert to next objective

What you have put me through
Is nothing compared to what
I went through myself, upon my
Own instigation, one moment I am
Hateful and vicious and tired but
The nest moment I weep
For all the pain in this world.

Entrapment is such an awkward word.

I'm sick of this lack of trust
What went before
Shall die before
I'm done with drum rolls
Caged lions
Families murdering their own babies
To spare them from this mayhem

Destiny is a cruel mistress
What must I do
To savage myself further
To do as you wish?