Rapunzel damsel with short curls and a tower door,
Sits at her balcony as she did every twilight before;
Lily eyes bestow him a gift of peace and harmony
And bequeath him the tears required to cool misery.

Of my citadel grounds a Seraph giant is gardener
And I beseech you believe me there are no finer
Blue roses than his, be they in this world or another,
For he showers them with the woes of his admirer.

Ever do I watch him from my window up high,
Gently picking them so they do not scream or cry
And placing them in his golden basket to bring
A gift that will make once more my nightingale sing.

All of us are part of the same incurable cursed tragedy,
Free to leave but held back by manacles imaginary;
We wait under a shower of November memories,
Soaked to the bone, for one that withers in the breeze.

I am Queen, before me my beautiful gardens, ecstasy;
To the South only the flat, colourless horizon of sea;
To the East hybrid hills and valleys melting in the heat;
And to the West the sunset he rode into one time obsolete.

My world falls to pieces with every intake of breath:
The crumbs feed my Princess to save her from death,
So she lends the tears that will preserve my gardener,
And the roses are cared for, to keep my bird a singer.

This is why, I repeat to myself until the words die away,
I must keep breathing; sustain my precious world of play,
Until he returns and I can open my eyes to life again,
Love my prince and deliver them all of my sorrow and pain.

I will live under my nightingale's lullaby spell of bliss,
So I slumber in my blue roses until we share another kiss,
Sing my requiem for reality in the seraph giant's arms,
And like the princess love a vague reminiscence of charms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Written on the spur of the moment but it was really hard to write and I
can't say I'm delighted with it. . . It's based on a dream I had of seeing
this princess on her balcony, and before her a garden in which a giant
tended blue roses. . . one of those dreams you don't forget, lol. Hope you
like it!