"i don't want to die,"
she whispers slowly
as her voice fades
into the background
the other sounds grow louder
the beeping of the monitors
the whispering of the nurses

she turns away from me
but I have already seen
the tears roll down her cheek
how did it come to this?
when did my word collapse?
when did i become so weak
she wonders silently

I am at a loss of words
peering into her blue eyes
seeing her soul shining through
her hopes and dreams
will never come true
we both know her time is limited
and no one can save her now

lying to her would be futile
we both know the truth
we both know
any moment
could be our last
she just looks at me
with this sorrow in her eyes

this sorrow she has been living
her whole life through
but now any glimmer of hope
is lost
and it is replaced by regret
because she realized too late
she doesn't want to die