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Chapter 1

Tesa Torii was enjoying her view from her window seat. Her luminous hazel eyes glued at the scenery down below. The sky was dreary and her flight had experienced some turbulence but Tesa did not mind it. The plane was ready to land on the island of the rising sun. She was intrigued by the architecture that stretched for miles into an astonishing skyline. The tall building structures so close proximity to each other that it emitted an illusion of one giant diverse structure from afar.

It was a streak of luck when she had gotten a phone call from her late father's best friend. Tesa's parents had died when she was 12. She had been in several orphanages around Europe. She was currently living in a monastery in Rome when her father's friend had contacted her. Tesa had just graduated from High School. He had invited her to come over to Japan for a visit and work for him until the end of the summer. Tesa readily accepted. She knew her father was half Japanese and had always wanted to experience the Japanese culture.

The flight attendant had told the passengers to buckle up for the decent. The plane started landing in the midst of an afternoon rainsquall. Tesa got out of her flight with one bag filled with her meager belongings. The ambience was a mix of happy and sad faces. She noticed the laughter of gatherings and sober good-byes of the people around her. Tesa felt foreign even with her quarter Japanese bloodline. She understood the Japanese language but was not fluent in speaking.

Japanese chatter filled the airport. She looked around and noticed all the signs were in Japanese. It was so foreign to her eyes that it brought her to the realization that she was far from home. She detected the reserve mannerism not seen in her native land and no one even smiled at her. She glanced around and saw a tall older well-dressed Japanese gentleman coming towards her. He stopped in front of her.

"Ms Tesa Torii, I presume." He spoke in fluent English

Tesa nodded as she recognized the voice. Tesa knew the English language and was relieved to see the friendly face.

"Hello, I'm Takashi Tanaka."

"Come Tesa, my driver is waiting outside. Let's go get your bags."

Tesa smiled at the friendly but reserved man. "This is all I have." She replied shyly

"Well then, let's get you out of here."

They walked out together to an awaiting Limo.

"I was deeply saddened when I was informed my old friend had past away. I lost contact with him several years ago. I wanted to meet up with him but I am too late. I was so glad that you honor my request to come visit Japan."

"It is my pleasure to meet someone from my father's past and to honor your request for me to visit my father's homeland." Tesa told him sincerely

The monastery had released Tesa to Takashi's care. Takashi Tanaka had an unblemished reputation as one of Tokyo's finest architect. The Tanaka's were rich. Takashi had known Nicholas Torii from the time they were toddlers. They went to school together all their lives. They lost contact with each other when Nicholas had married a European woman and moved to England.

The limo drove through the busy streets of Tokyo. It was indescribably beautiful. The city was a happy marriage between nature and the urban industrial development of a large city. She saw beautiful trees and gardens intertwined naturally with the iron, concrete, and stone buildings. Takashi happily provided information on the various landmarks and its history. Tesa would just nod and smile. She was happy to be out and about. The monastery prevented her from experiencing life outside the church. Tesa was extremely smart and thoughtful and had a quiet persona. She was glad for the opportunity to stay in Tokyo for the summer and to live in a mansion with Mr. Takashi.

"Do you have children? Wife?" Tesa asked

"Ah, my wife had died about 5 years ago. I have two sons but they are adults and do not live with me."

Tesa felt sorry for the elder gentleman. He had a sweet quiet nature. Takashi Tanaka was a tall, well-manicured and handsomely mature gentleman. His hair was slightly graying and he had signs of aging around his eyes and mouth. Takashi Tanaka looked important and stately.

They arrived at the sprawling estate Takashi owned.

Tesa was awed. The outside was reminiscent to a Japanese white castle tower that loomed high in the sky. Stonewalls with elegant curves and traditional tiled rooftops with symmetrically beautiful silhouette reproduced the graceful figure of a heron about to take flight. Inside, the layout was definitely with a western flare. The ceilings were vaulted with a large opulent chandelier in the entranceway. The living room area was large and sunken. Art pieces grace the whole entire area. She saw three large portraits on top of the fireplace. One was a family portrait. The other two must be a portrait each of his sons. Takashi stopped and followed Tesa's eyes that seem to be intrigued by the portrait of his second son.

"That's Edmund, my youngest. He never smiles and for some reason he likes to brood."

Tesa's cheeks colored from being caught. She didn't mean to stare but she wasn't used to seeing someone that was so wildly handsome.

"Don't get embarrass Tesa. Edmund always caused some sort of reaction by women whenever he makes an appearance. Edmund is a rogue, wild and untamed. He will take time to get use to. He is temperamental and cynical. We are always butting heads. He prides himself as being the black sheep of the family." Takashi smiled at the reverie of his son.

"What's your other son's name, he favors your looks." Tesa smiled. Toshiro was handsome with deep brown eyes, dark hair and a contagious smile.

"Yes, that is Toshiro. He patterns after me in charm and maturity. You will get along with him."

Tesa sneaked one more glance at the youngest son. Tesa was confused because she noticed some European traits in his facial features even though the mother was Japanese. Edmund had no hint of being a full blood.

"I have several rooms here, you can take any room you want and please make yourself at home."

Tesa settled herself on a beautiful room that has a balcony that faces the pool. She had her own large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, fireplace and a walk in closet. She never has been in such luxurious surroundings. She took all her personal belongings out of her little bag. She hung up her clothes and saw that it took up only 1 of the closet space.

Takashi looked into Tesa's room.

"How is your room?"

"It's beautiful. My room back home was only as big as the closet." She told him excitedly

Takashi noticed that Tesa had very little belongings. He felt sorry for her.

"Tesa, I will have my limo drive you to the shops in Tokyo, you will need more clothes than that. Here take this card and use it."

"Oh no I can't, I haven't even started working for you yet, it's not right." Tesa argued

"Tesa, please let me do this for you as a favor to my old friend." Takashi insisted

Tesa didn't feel right but she didn't want to offend Mr. Takashi who has been way too generous with her already. "Hai" she answered

Tesa had gone to the shopping district. Takashi started making preparations for a dinner party to be held the next day. He wanted to introduce her to his family. He called both of his sons. Takashi expressed his strong desire for them to join him for dinner. Toshiro and Edmund were both curious and accepted.