Before I lead you through the shadowed glade
This place of dulled Light and shade that embraces the soul
Filling it with frost and winter's biting kiss
I had not fully understood what you felt
I had perceived it as a madman perceives sanity
A distant, yet familiar notion chasing itself around in the back of my mind

I had seen it in your eyes
Felt it in your tears against my chest
But never had I truly comprehended it in its horrible fullness
The tentacles of self-loathing slithering out from the damp forest floor
Smells of rotting flesh and the stink of decay filling your nostrils as you weaken
Brought to your knees again and again each time thinking, hoping maybe it's the last time
Drawn down against the cold hard stone of sorrow and crushed against the pebbles of bitterness
The ragged bark of loneliness scrapes against the skin, rubbing it raw and leaving splinters to fester

And all the while the Light stifled underneath the thick black veil of lies that permeates this place
Allowing a certain hue of Darkness to seep in through the cracks in ones soul
Weakening these crevices further, widening them into gaping fissures
That allow the cold hollow winds of this world into your heart
And as your being gradually loses its warmth you falter
Struggling to try to find something worth loving
Looking inward, being ashamed of what you see
Forgetting who you are amongst the shadows
Losing touch with who you really are
And falling deeper into malaise
As the stench of decay
Stifles your breath

And you wonder how I got you through it all
And I wonder how you got through it all