My sadness feeds upon itself

Like cats left alone unfed, turning slowly cannibal

Leaving the heads and feet of their fellows uneaten

Like repulsive little Halloween skeleton dolls

Mementos to a crying heart and twisted mind

Testaments to the darkness being garnered within

A mind turned cannibal, feasting upon its own sadness

Neglected by my soul, like an animal hoarder lost and lonely

Misled into thinking nothing of the smell of uncleanliness

The stench of uncleaned feces like despair choking the lungs

Driving sanity slowly away as lies like cobwebs drift slowly down upon the mind

Cloaking the mind in Darkness, a veil of despair and deceit the Light

Lost and believing this is nothing out of the ordinary

This twisted mockery of life not worth noticing

All the while secretly hoping, wishing for something more

That Hope might be restored once again

That the cobwebs might be cut away, burned away

But lost nonetheless in this cesspool of Darkness

Ever growing dimmer.