How do you capture the essence of a human being?
The complexities, absurdities, and deformities of a person?

Laughter and melancholy intertwined
Like ethereal threads woven tightly together
One glowing with light that the other inexorably consumes
Sucking this light into its own inky black shade of melancholic absurdity
Glistening Hope intertwined with that nightshade hue of Despair
The two strands coming together, caressing each other in greeting
Melding together to form some glimmering shade of gray

But I am more complex then two simple threads
A cornucopia of colors and light threaded together with darker colors
And still our painting, our image of who I am is incomplete
For there will always be that hidden thread, that deeper meaning
That piece that determinism and behaviorism and all the sciences cannot define
A piece of what it means to be alive that remains in the corner of our eye
Just out of sight and teasing, defying explanation

That hidden, inexplicable, undefinable thread
My soul

That part of me which compels me towards despair and self-loathing
All the while extending the hand of love and light to those in need
Beckoning those lost souls in the shadows to dance once more in the sunlight
My words, the Truth I See, like a sword cutting through the thick cobwebs of lies

"Veritas" tattooed across my soul
And a deep blue melancholy around me as I walk through this world
My secret shame, my imperfections, my failings, the sinful nature of man
Tormenting me in moments of rest and giving me no quarter
It is the Hell hound that has my scent and I doubt I shall ever escape its pursuit

So I shall leave you with an incomplete picture
An unfinished novel, a partial painting of who I am
In the vague, lonely, mournful, hope
That you will help me finish it