Chapter 1

They sit in the bar all day and all night, as if it is their whole life. They needed a break from chasing down those weird creatures with their horses and ropes. For the time being, this was a Cowboy's Fantasy. It was funny, because there was actually a Cowboy that all the others called Cowboy Fantasy. Ths Cowboy was always very dreamy, and if it wasn't for him, the others wouldn't have followed him to be just like him. They all admired him because he also seemed to be in a Fantasy world.

Yet at the same time, if it wasn't for him, perhaps all these weird creatures out in the ranches and the surrounding area probably wouldn't have come. They blame him for the creatures coming, since ever since he was new to these parts a few weeks back, the first dozen of odd looking and dangerous creatures started coming around and even attacked some cattle and a few horses.

The Cowboys had rough times shooting down these Creatures or herding them with their ropes and keeping them locked away so that some could inspect them to see what they really are. They would've simply thrown Cowboy Fantasy away from the area, but their motto is to keep and be proud of new Cowboys no matter what, and they didn't fully know if it was Cowboy Fantasy, and he was one of the best Cowboys among all of them, since he was able to shoot down and kill a ton at a time.

They needed him around for the bigger things, and if they kicked him away, and these creatures still remained, then they would be in even more trouble than they are now. It is as though Cowboy Fantasy is their protector and hero, and with this, they admire him even more. He can always remain to be in a daydream stance, but he is an excellent Cowboy fighter, and even all the girls dote on him. He's all they may talk about while sweeping the decks or cleaning through the bars, making sure the other Cowboys have a good time.

Then you got some of those Cowboys who are extremely jealous of him. The rebellious Cowboys that want him away at all costs, and blame him for everything, and they say that these creatures always follow him everywhere, that is why he is such a great fighter against them. There are even those that challenge him to a duel.

He accepted a few, but when he did, it was quite strange how suddenly the Cowboy who had challenged him, suddenly changed their mind and backed down. As if his tone was enough to win the duel immediately and that Cowboy's horse was shot down and dead.

Yep! Cowboy Fantasy was simply amazing. Would he always remain to be this amazing? Lets get into the story and find out what this Cowboy Fantasy is really all about!