I know I don't matter
Don't tell me I do
I know I don't matter
I know it's the truth

You want to know why do I cry?
Cry to feel pain that makes me die
Once I was lovely, now I'm scarred
So much ignored, it seems I'm barred

Hiding is crying without your tears
Darkness is scary without your fears
Your heart is bloodied without a cut
My life is choking on my own blood


What do you care to see my face?
A face subjected to your pain
Once upon a time, now it's gone
My voice it screams 'til it seems raw

Silence is lying without your words
Screaming is cutting without the hurt
Abuse is murder without your lust
Crying is dying without your blood



(Chours 2x)

(Chorus 2)
I know I don't matter
Don't try to explain
I know I don't matter
I've seen too much pain.