Fall, fall away
Your never-ending wish
Fall; fall to stay
Forever bleeding kiss

Souls gone by; run away
Memories fought my mind
Tears fall dry over days
Try to see why you cry

Whisper into my ear
Never forgetting what different world we come from
Bring back all my fears
Staying with me must have killed you and your love

Whispered heart bleeds in pain
Crucified; no fiction
Unto stars, say you'll stay
Please be my salvation

Try my best to succeed
Fearful of flying alone without the protection of you
Give you one last good deed
I guess cause of I'll have to let you go from truth


Please say you'll stay for me
Just don't go away and leave
Lie about your heart's love
You'll kill me if truth comes

(Chorus 3x)

Cry, cry to feel
Where once your heart did lie
Cry, cry to bleed
Frozen in my heart's cries

Bleed, bleed to try
Living without your ties
Bleed; bleed to die
Keep bleeding into the night