Two grapevines, side by side, together grew,
And leaned them both against a trellis strong,
Unknown to each the other, though their roots
Occasionally touched while they were young.
When as the sun within them fostered growth,
And as they climbed their way towards the light,
Their little fingers, clutching in their youth,
Met one another; trivial and slight.

In one day they were met; in two, entwined.
Such things are not unplanned by those who tend.
Soon each for other longed, as of one mind,
And each its selfish will began to bend
In order to seek this: the other's good.
Thus grew they quicker than a single vine,
Producing better quality of food,
And offering the farmer sweeter wine.

And though their lives began in loneliness,
Beneath the loam and sheltered in a seed,
The two, the one, in blissful selflessness,
Found purpose in fulfilling other's need.
True love if not this be, then what is love?
Are men not also lacking by themselves?
So two becoming one shall ever prove
God's providence, for loneliness is Hell.