I gave you everything
Everything I had
Nothing you needed
But you wanted it so BAD.

My bones bled
Till you tasted my blood.
Spat it back out.
Wasn't good enough.

Consume my dreams
Juggle lazily my hopes
Glanced my wishes
Held my breath on tight rope.

Fear your sight
In my door, fear
Till you come back
Scare me some more.
Tattooed into my soul
Words, doodles of yours
Till you take back the ink
Leave me the scars.

How much longer
Will it take
Want to walk away but I
Stay till I break

Hide and seek
In a white box
You know where I lye
Hear nothing; but you mock.

Stole every drip drop
Inch of my ness
Rip, rip me from identity
Sneered inside my mess
Spun me higher higher
Tighter, tighter spun
Poke and prod and point and peel
Faster, faster I can't run.

You steel
My air.
You say,
You care.
You snatch
My speed.
I gave you,
What you didn't need.