Paint Rainbows Black

Paint your rainbows black,
The world deserves no color,
We should all be the same,
Nothing less than equal,
Nothing more than equalizers,
Why should we treat them different,
When we are all the same?

Paint your rainbows black,
The world needs no color,
Racism... Poverty... Hatred,
That's what came out of this,
Color is sadness,
Color is hate,
Color is you and I,

Paint your rainbows balck,
So the scars don't show,
So shyness may not prevail,
Show us what we are truely made of,
The rightstuff,
The same stuff,
There is no difference.

Paint my rainbows black,
Show that I love him,
Show who I am,
Who you are,
Be who you want to be,
Not stay in the lines,
They are nothing but colored restrictions.

Paint our rainbows black,
For there is no other option,
No other decision,
No other way,
To show tham who we are inside.