Out Of Your Control

By:Andrew Troy KelIer

Has any one of you ever had no choice,but to surrender to a hunger that has suddenly gone out of your control?

Well,that was exactly what had happened to a beautiful young woman named Samantha Kidman,who was once a daughter of a wealthy publishing magnate in turn-of-the-century London,England enjoying the best that all of the British social scene has to offer,only to discover that she has spotted someone who was willing to offer her something more than just one party after another.

The only problem with that idea is that she had no idea that he was actually a vampire--and after they were finally alone with each other,he had kissed her ever so passionately on the lips,just before he had drove his fangs into her bare neck and started sucking the blood right out of her body,thus causing her to change into a vampire herself.

And then,after that faithful night,poor Samantha has no other choice,but to spend one century after another sucking the blood out of any human being that has the misfourtune of coming into contact with her.

But that was until she had arrived in the City of New York on October the 27th of this year,looked at the Statue of Liberty and began to cry,for she had realized that she doesn't want to be a blood-sucking vampire anymore.