(To Cohen: To Say Things, To Mean Things)


Today I asked Adam what the two of you said when you "started to talk about you and me and we said a lot of things." And I-

I don't believe what you said about not leaving because of me.

He wouldn't tell me at first. He repeated a lot of the lovely things you said about never wanting to leave me or how happy you were when you were with me, but it's really easy to tell when Adam isn't telling you something. And I knew there was something, because you didn't tell me either. But it had to be important, because you mentioned it and he seemed to know exactly what I was asking about, even though my question was so vague.

You know there are things I have a hard time saying and I didn't think that bothered you so much, because you always seem to know what I'm thinking anyways. And when I'd try to say something and not be able to find the words, you'd just tell me "actions speak louder than words, Paige -so quit stuttering and kiss me already." And so I would. And afterwards you'd grin like nothing could ever be bad again and hug me so close to you and that was a pretty loud action to me, so I believed it.

I love you, Cohen. You know I love you. I know I never actually said it to you but-

You're you and I thought that meant you'd just know I loved you, too.