Words in Peace

The darkness falls quickly, and covers everything in a grey veil. Beyond the dark clouds on the navy grey sky, the moon struggles to surface. Finally it wins the battle and bathes everything in a pale white light. It is a deep, deep forest. Only in the occasional circles of grass, away from trees, is the night sky and the many stars visible.

A figure walks among the ancient trees. A mortal of no power, and only the strength that he, himself, has. Without leader, or followers. A simple peasant.

He stumbles upon a necklace on the forest ground. He takes it up, and looks at it curiously. The chain looks like leather, but feels like iron. A red gem hangs from a ring of shiny metal. "I might be able to get a good price for this at the market tomorrow." He puts it in his pocket and walks on, humming a song. Suddenly a bright light shines from the gem, and illuminates the pathway on which he is walking. A grey female figure appears in front of him. She walks right through him, and as he turns she reaches for the necklace which he's holding in his hands. She whispers something, and the necklace disappears. Then she faces the man and starts speaking.

"I am Tamimmu Na'ksey, daughter of the Izohri Neruy, Alova Na'ksey. I am but a flash in the pass of time. But a very important task has pulled me out of history, and right into the present. You must take immediate action and find the Vesalu Gelan, the Fire Stone. The worst thing that you can imagine, has happened. The Noy'lamé G'tai'myo has been resurrected and has sworn to destroy all life on Kena Gaia, our dear, old planet. Before you go out on your quest, I must see to that you are enlightened in the matter of the most ancient of knowledge: History. I will begin telling you of my people and my motherland Ivobia."

The man holds his right arm out in front of him, the palm of his hand facing the grey figure.
"Wait! You are sending me on a quest? I have not asked for any quests or missions. I am on my way home." He hesitates. "What are you? A ghost?"
Tamimmu laughs at his last remark.
"A ghost? N'kasá no! I am as real as you are. Perhaps even more real."
He frowns. She appears more sharpened now. Her outline is not soft and smudged anymore, and she is no longer grey.
"As I said, I was pulled out of history. You might say that I have been...resurrected." She smiles. "What is your name, son?"
"Li Kro," he says.
"Listen closely, Li Kro. I have not chosen you for this quest. You have chosen yourself. I cannot change what is already decided, but I must tell you this: Do not underestimate anything, especially not ancient evil. The only help I can give you is knowledge. The courage and choices must come from your heart."
She steps closer and takes his hands.
"It is not in my power to change your destiny. You must walk this path, however dangerous and dark it may seem. If you do not have any further questions," she pauses (Li Kro doesn't seem to want to say anything), "I will continue the lesson. The Ivobian people had their great days many, many millions of years ago. In the beginning we thought, that Ivobia would last forever. Our kingdom did indeed last for many thousand years, but in the end, disaster struck. We had managed to become ignorant and selfish. We learnt our lesson though, and Atlantis was founded. In between the disappearance of the great Saurians and the appearance of current mankind, Ivobia and Atlantis ruled each of their eras in wisdom, until near the end. Ivobia fell when the first great winter arrived. The people moved far south, towards the belt of our planet, and formed a new home: Atlantis. The empire lasted for many hundred thousand years, until a great flood covered the region. Atlantis is now lost forever below the sea. This you may have heard of, from your bard, Plato of Hellas. I will not be telling you speculations, but knowledge and certainties. It is certain, that Plato's sources were wrong: The location of the flooded Atlantis is not beyond the Pillars of Heracles, and it did not disappear 10,000 years ago. It did indeed survive until the flood, which occurred roughly 5000 years ago. I will not be telling you where Atlantis lies, because that is irrelevant, and only relevance matters."
She pauses briefly, and looks up to the sky.
"The 22nd Tagohé of Ivobia was known as Raeb'gaui Na'ksey. He married the daughter of one of the Chieftains of Pai'kata, which is the land of the great desert. Her maiden name was Beoia Mae'jé. She was a beautiful sight, my grand mother. Her hair was long and purple-blue and her eyes were a deep forest green. She had bronze skin and as a symbol of the ancient religion N'kasá, her legs were tattooed with swirls and ancient symbols. Among them, the sign of the Izohri Neruy, whom she would give birth. Tagohé Na'ksey and his young wife, Beoia, had two children, twin girls they were. Alova and Odynna Na'ksey. Alova was white as ivory, Odynna was dark as ebony. Alova's hair was black as the nightfall in Pai'kata, and Odynna's hair was white as the mountain tops of Gajoca. Peace ruled for five peaceful years. But pure evil from the savage world outside Ivobia, wanted to rule the rich lands and plains with bright green grass. They sent an agent of evil, G'tai'myo of Noy'lamé. In order to gain power of the Tagohé's kingdom, he had to travel to the land of the Great Swamps to seek the faerie Anilyk, lady Iftee'hh of Tio'kata. This is where our story begins."
Tamimmu smiles, and extends her arms towards a great old oak. It appears to move, and suddenly transforms into a well. The woman approaches it, and stands beside it. She beckons Li Kro to join her. They stand quietly looking into the purple water. Nothing appears for a fragment of time, but gradually images appear.
"It begins so peacefully. Like love." Tammimu says and smiles again.
"This is Ivobia?" Li Kro asks, pointing to a city in the water.
"That is B'togey."