Author's note: This is the first of many information chapters. The next will be a small dictionary of the terms.

There are no short a's in any of the words.

Ivobia: EE-voh-bee-ah
B'togey: BEH-to-geh
Hyt'kata: HU-IT-kah-tah
Gib'kata: GEEB-kah-tah
Pai'kata: PA-EE-kah-tah
Tio'kata: TEE-oh-kah-tah
Gajoca: gah-CHO-kah

Raeb'gaui: RAH-eeb-GAH-wee Roll the R
Beoia: BEH-o-ee-ah Say it fast. ;)
Alova: AH-lo-vah
Odynna: OH-dee-nah
G'tai'myo: GE-tai-mee-o Say it fast.
Iftee'hh: EEF-te-ek
Na'ksey: NAK-seh
Mae'jé: MA-eh-je the last syllable sounds like the french jé (as in jé t'adore, haha!)

Aélikya: A'-eh-lee-kee-yah
Tagohé: TAH-goh-heh
Noy'lamé: NOY-lah-meh
Anilyk: ANEE-luik


More will be added soon. Feel free to request the pronouncation of a word you encountered in the text, if it is not here. :)