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[AUTHOR'S NOTE] Goddess. I put off finishing this for too long. Sure, with my time frame, I've only been procrastinating for hours at a time and not days… But this should have been done over forty-eight hours ago! Anyway, this is the conclusion to my entry for Rae-chan's Halloween Challenge. It was wonderfully fun to write, and I hope everyone who's been reading has also enjoyed the trip. I did pseudo-specific thank-yous last chapter, so I'll just give a general shout-out to everyone who's commented so far and to everyone who will do so in the future. Thanks for reading! And now… The conclusion to the story!



          Meriel should have known. She really should have known. Nothing had been going her way the entire evening, and it really had been too much to hope for, in thinking that Brett might forget about his request for two kisses after finishing up with Senna alone. When Brett finally broke off his kiss with Senna- a kiss Senna seemed to enjoy almost as much as the overly-amorous stranger Meriel knew as Brett did- he turned to Meriel, a wolfish grin tugging at his lips. She was not about to escape that easily.

          "Come now, Meriel," Brett whispered, moving away from Senna and scooting closer to the girl in question. It was just as well- Meriel might have missed the words, otherwise. "A promise is a promise. I'm sure Senna would be horribly disappointed if you didn't hold up your end of the deal, and her kiss turned out to be for nothing, hmm?"

          "Somehow, I don't think Senna would mind that too awful much," Meriel heard herself mutter, before her brain had been offered an opportunity to properly censor the words exiting her lips. "I mean… You say that I promised you a kiss. You never went so far as to make me actually agree to this promise!"

          "Meriel, Meriel," Brett chided, tilting his head to the side, just slightly. "The details are unimportant. Come, now… My kiss?"

          Protectively, Meriel crossed her arms across her chest, but there wasn't much she could do. She had two choices- either she'd kiss Brett, and be given the information she requested, or she'd deny him his request, and she and Senna would both be left in the dark. While the latter felt preferable… Meriel was already deeply involved enough in whatever strange situation her guests had carried into her house to be willing to put personal preferences aside. She'd do it.

          Slowly, Meriel lowered her arms, and stepped closer to Brett. Carefully, she ignored the self-satisfied smile gracing Brett's lips at that exact moment, before metaphorically "puckering up."

          The press of Brett's lips against her own was gentle- more so than Meriel would have expected, given her past experiences with the man. She squinted her eyes shut, not wanting to look Brett in the face as he kissed her, no matter how cowardly it might sound to an outsider. Reluctantly, Meriel made a pathetic attempt at returning the kiss- something which seemed to amuse Brett, if Meriel was reading the slight shaking of his body correctly. It couldn't be nerves causing Brett to shake, after all- he really didn't seem the type to get nervous over something as meaningless as a simple kiss.

          Of course, when Brett tried to gag her with his tongue, Meriel knew that she was through. Angrily, she shoved him off of her, yanking her head away from his and effectively severing their kiss. With her eyes back open, Meriel had just enough time to catch sight of the wolfish grin once again spreading across Brett's lips, before the young man assumed a more dignified expression.

          "Payment in full," Brett murmured, sounding serious enough. "You've both held up your ends, so I guess I'll have to tell you two whatever it is you want to know, won't I? Meriel…?"

          "You were talking about chess and pawns," Meriel said, in response to Brett's prompting. She was cutting straight to the point. "I'd like to know what you meant by that allusion- in detail."

          "That's really easy enough, you know," Brett said, although his actions belied his words. Brett was scratching his forehead just short of the hairline- a gesture similar to the act of running one's hands through one's hair, Meriel decided, seeing as Brett's hair wasn't long enough to run hands through. Meriel thought of hair-rumpling as a nervous action, so she was certain that, despite his calm words, Brett didn't really want to answer her question.

          "You're worried about who the pawns and players are, correct?" Brett asked, continuing. "The ones in the kitchen might be a bit more than what they appear as at first glance, but in the end, they'll always be pawns. Now, everyone else… That's where things get interesting."

          "You're talking in circles, aren't you?" Meriel asked in response, rhetorically. There wasn't really a need for her to speak, but Brett was bothering her.

          Diplomatically, Brett chose to ignore the jibe. "Maybe, but wouldn't you be more interested in knowing whether, say, I am an important player or not? Or maybe… You're worried about your own role in this convoluted game of chess?"

          "I guess I'd like you to answer those two questions…" Meriel agreed, trying not to sound too eager. "But only if Senna and I have already 'paid' for the answers."

          With that, Brett laughed. Was what Meriel had said truly all that funny? "Of course it's paid for, so to speak. Honestly. Don't get so worked up about losing control- after all, if you weren't important, everyone wouldn't have been drawn to this place as the setting for the chess game. You're definitely one of the players. And me? Naturally, I'm a player as well. That's why I can't just up and leave, even if you haven't welcomed me into your home. You need me here… You just don't know it yet.

          "Senna… You're a player too. In fact, all of the invited guests- and Meriel and myself, of course – are major players in this little diversion, so to speak. That means Katril is important… And so is Ian, even if his role is only intertwined with mine."

          Looking at Brett in that instance, Meriel decided that she really didn't like the smile he was presently displaying. Was that something he reserved for Ian? …She probably didn't want to know. "Your point?"

          "We're all players." Brett's simple response, accompanied by a shrug. "But do you have any idea who's orchestrating the whole thing? You came up with the idea of a Samhain ritual- the perfect opportunity for a 'chess game.' We players control the lesser pieces, the… Guests… In the kitchen are the pawns…

          "And Rylaine? Rylaine is the queen."

          "Really, now?" Meriel asked. She'd been worrying so much about the reference to chess and Brett's connection to Rylaine… But somehow, being told that Rylaine was organizing some sort of game wasn't a surprise. "So… What do you want us to do?"

          "This is chess, fair ones," Brett said with a grin, managing not to sound patronizing. "We seek to capture the queen."


          Brett's declaration of their shared "intention" had taken Meriel a bit by surprise, so for a few long seconds, she, Senna, and Brett all stood in silence. That is, they were silent until an eerily piercing shriek cut through the momentary stillness, dispelling it. Unlike before, when Meriel had heard a scream and immediately went running, she took a moment to consider who might be in trouble or danger. Judging by the sound of things, the person screaming was feminine. Their screaming wasn't like Ian's screaming at all.

          In agreement with Meriel's thoughts, Senna spoke up then. The girl's calm was in stark contrast to her eccentric behavior from the beginning of the evening. "It sounds like someone's in trouble," she pointed out, timidly. "Since it's a girl… It's probably Katril!"

          "Speaking of her, I still owe you whatever information I can come up with about her plight, don't I?" Brett asked, the question seeming quite out of place, all things considered. Pawns or no, the men in Meriel's kitchen were strangers, meaning that Katril very well could be in real danger.

          "Forget about that!" Senna exclaimed, frantically. She'd listened on calmly enough while Brett answered Meriel's questions, and upon being confronted with Senna's panic and Brett's cold rationality, Meriel felt strangely guilty. In retrospect, asking about the chess reference probably hadn't been all too important. She should have let Brett tell them about Katril first- Katril was the one actually at risk. "We need to save Katril! Meriel- is that your kitchen back there?"

          "Oh… Yes, yes it is." The question took Meriel by surprise, and her answer came a bit slowly. Still… They probably should go see what was going on in the kitchen.

          "If you're willing to part with your kiss for nothing, I suggest we get in there," Brett suggested, with an astuteness that almost took Meriel by surprise.

          "Of course," Meriel agreed weakly, and Senna nodded.

          With the agreement of the girls, Brett turned on his heel and headed past Meriel into the kitchen. Spurred on by her concern for Katril, Senna was the next one through the kitchen doorway, leaving Meriel to follow after, or risk being left all alone and out of the loop. Not wanting to be in that situation, Meriel followed.

          When Meriel entered the kitchen, Brett and Senna were both already in front of her, and they seemed to be unable to move too far into the room. Given, the invaders from before hadn't left yet… But much to Meriel's surprise, the number of occupants in the room had more than doubled. Even without moving around Senna and Brett, Meriel could see the costumed men from before- and a whole host of what appeared to be living origami figurines. Not only that, but from what Meriel could see, the two groups appeared to be locked in some sort of combat. If it hadn't been going on scant feet away, Meriel might have considered the scene funny.

          "What's going on?" she murmured, although no one seemed to hear the question. Apparently, there were even more interesting happenings taking place in the room than even the battle between the paper demons and the living demons and ghouls. Squeezing in between Senna and Brett, Meriel was met by an eyeful of pristine white and dingy grey-black.

          As was to be expected, Katril was in the kitchen.

          "I told you already, this wasn't my idea!" Katril was in the middle of exclaiming, as best Meriel could hear. "Hurry up and get out of there- it's just paper. Tear the bars and move while everyone else is distracte- oh!"

          Apparently, Katril had only just then noticed the presence of Meriel, Senna, and Brett. She glanced up, looking back at them guiltily, but didn't move closer to the group.

          "I'm not going to," Meriel heard next. She was almost surprised that she'd managed to process the words properly, what with the shock of hearing Ian uttering the phrase. "I'm sorry, but I'm staying in here until they stop fighting!"

          As Ian spoke, he grasped paper bars firmly, and despite the material the bars were made from, the paper didn't seem willing to crumple that easily. Ian was standing in the center of an enormous paper cage, with Katril keeping him company from just off to the side. Meriel might have worried that Katril had folded the cage herself, but seeing as Katril was trying to persuade Ian to escape, the possibility of such a fact being truth was slim. Not only that, but with the thirty-some life-sized figurines Meriel saw engaging in battle all around her, she began to wonder how guilty Katril was. Somehow, she couldn't bring herself to believe that Katril would have created such abominations.

          Before Meriel could also object to Ian's prolonged captivity, Meriel was hearing Brett of all people speak up. Shocked into silence, she decided to hear the man out. "Ian, lovely, don't be ridiculous. What sort of a place is a giant cage to stay in? Don't you think you'd be safer out here with us than penned up in there, if you're really worried about getting hurt?"

          Meriel couldn't believe it. Katril couldn't get Ian to come out, Meriel hadn't even been given an opportunity to try, and Brett thought he would succeed where they had already failed? Wasn't that a bit cocky of him?

          "I…" Ian trailed off, whatever thought he'd considered voicing left completely unsaid. Now Meriel wasn't sure what was more surprising, that Brett had been so certain that he'd be the one to convince Ian to get out of the cage, or that Ian seemed so willing to listen- for reasons that Meriel couldn't even begin to fathom!

          Brett just shook his head. Apparently, the dark-skinned youth wasn't pleased with Ian's demonstration. Two short strides and Brett was face to face with the bars of Ian's cage. Only a few scant inches separated the two. For a brief moment, Meriel saw a ghost of Brett's wolfish smile from before… And then Brett was leaning down and tilting his head, only to catch up Ian's lips and lock onto them with his own.

          Once again, Meriel was shocked speechless. If a change didn't occur soon, she'd probably be perpetually speechless. Why was Brett kissing Ian now? He'd already stolen kisses from Katril, Senna, and even Meriel herself. Meriel wouldn't be surprised even if Brett told her he'd kissed Rylaine as well. But Ian? That was a shock- even if it wasn't quite as upsetting as was the fact that Ian not only allowed Brett to kiss him, but made a visible effort to kiss Brett back, despite being impeded by the bars of the cage.

          Hell, Meriel was fairly certain that, had Ian a tail, he would be wagging it. He looked positively gleeful. And given the sheer immensity of Ian's trench coat, Meriel wouldn't be surprised if he had succeeded in hiding a tail under the fabric. It would be just like Ian, too.

          One moment, the two young men were making out quite blissfully, as if completely unaware of their surroundings. The next minute, the paper cage surrounding Ian had burst into flames out of nowhere. Despite this, Ian and Brett continued making out, as if they weren't in danger of being roasted by the flames at all. Apparently, they weren't, for after a few moments more, the flames died away entirely, and the paper that had formed the cage bars and ceiling drifted to the kitchen floor in the form of white-gray powdery ash. For a few precious seconds, it looked like snow.

          Of course, with the cage bars out of the way, Brett was free to pull Ian closer, not bothering to break off the kiss as he did so. As Meriel- and Senna and Katril- watched, Brett pressed his body firmly against Ian's, wrapping his arms about the smaller boy, either as an affectionate gesture, or an attempt to keep their hips at such a very, very close proximity. Kissing was one thing, but Meriel drew the line at Brett's fervent groping of Ian's ass. There were a few things she'd appreciate not having to bear witness to.

          "Alright already!" she exclaimed loudly. "Break it up, you two. I think we've all received enough of a show by now."

          For a few painful moments, Meriel thought that her words had gone without effect. If Brett had ignored her, it would have been one thing… But Brett's partner was Ian, and Ian was her friend! If Ian ignored her, the boy had better be aware that he'd get a verbal lashing later. The seconds dragged on for a few instants more, and then Brett pulled away from Ian, doing so in a manner which was so slow as to be almost painful. With their lips about an inch apart and Brett's hands still on Ian's body, Brett darted a glance over in Meriel's direction. He looked incredibly smug. Meriel glared.

          Brett finished backing off, merely kissing Ian once on the cheek before releasing the boy. Self-satisfied expression not fading, he turned to survey the room. The cage was gone, but other than that, nothing had really changed. The demons and ghouls were still battling the origami figurines- while also paying no heed to the events occurring mere feet away.

          "You know, this really won't do…" Meriel heard Brett murmur, in a low tone of voice. Ian was still standing a bit closer to Brett than Meriel was fully comfortable with, but there was nothing she could do or say. "It's such a zoo in here."

          So saying, Brett gestured idly with his hand. The movement he made was performed with no more ceremony than Brett might have observed if, say, brushing dust off his sleeve. However, the result of the action was considerably greater. Throughout the room, as a result of Brett's gesture, a cry went up.

          Looking around, Meriel saw that none of the origami figurines were fighting any longer. Each and every paper creature had dropped to the ground, lifeless, as if they'd never been more than simple party decorations. Despite this meaning that they'd won their battle, the cry echoing among the remaining ghouls and ghosties was not a pleasant one. The crying died away, and the monsters all began to disappear.

          Apparently, there really had been more to the intruders than could be attributed to elaborate costumes and a fancy make-up job.

          The ghosts fell away, turning to smoke before being gently carried away on an unfelt wind. The demons threw up their arms, as they were all engulfed by flames and burned to ashes. Each demon-fire burned down before finally extinguishing itself, although a close inspection would reveal that while the linoleum beneath the demons might be blackened, no ashes actually remained. With the demons and ghosts gone, only the zombies remained- although they were falling left and right as well. However, no matter how long Meriel and the others waited, they didn't appear as if they were about to disappear. Instead, the zombie corpses remained behind, as lifeless as the still origami figures.

          Looking up from the surprising scene, Meriel caught sight of Rylaine, alone in the doorway exiting the kitchen on the other end. In the prevalent silence, only Brett spoke.

          "See? Merely banish the pawns, and the path to the queen becomes clear."


          "This isn't how the game is supposed to go!" Rylaine yelled angrily, in the wake of Brett's comment about pawns and queens. Surprisingly, no one flinched, so Rylaine took it upon herself to advance upon the assembled group. "You were supposed to be a pawn as well!"

          "I'm afraid you must have miscalculated," came Brett's icy response. Standing beside the man, Ian couldn't help feeling almost proud of Brett. It felt as if his heart was swelling, and he was almost overcome by the urge to just spontaneously hug Brett. Thankfully, Ian resisted the temptation.

          "And how do you figure?" Rylaine hissed, still jumping mad.

          Brett smirked.

          "You may be a vampire and a witch, but you're a young creature yet, aren't you?" he half-crooned, even as he managed to look down his nose at the woman. "You may have studied up on the art of demon-summoning, but I don't think you did all of your homework. Do you recall what you read on binding demons?"

          "O-of course!" Rylaine replied instantly, although Ian was privately of the belief that the slight color rising to her cheeks was indicator of some vital mistake Rylaine had made.

          "Then you should be well aware of the fact that your binding charms were horribly botched," Brett continued, offhandishly. "Not only that, but while you did give me my orders, you phrased everything so naively. Demons aren't required to read between the lines, Rylaine. If you don't spell everything out in terms which can't be misunderstood or reinterpreted, you get screwed over. That's what happened to you."

          "Damn you," was all Rylaine could manage, after that particular jab from Brett. Ian almost felt sorry for her. It sounded as if she'd put a lot of work into something, only to have it blow up in her face. "What made you decide to help my 'opposition,' then?"

          "Oh, I don't know…" Brett said slowly, idly. "Maybe I did it because they're cuter than you?"

          Ian blushed. He was sure his face was well past crimson.

          Rylaine, too, was turning curious shades of red. Her coloration, however, would be attributed to rage- at least, that's what Ian was deciding. "Now…" Brett murmured, still with undercurrents of amusement present in his tone. "Care to explain things to the poor girls you've been trying to sabotage? I've already been informed of your intent, but everyone else in the room is probably still in the dark, as far as your plans are to be concerned."

          "We've been in touch for a long time," Meriel said then, carefully. "You always seemed like a nice enough person, and we met on a message board designed to help facilitate meetings between Wiccans in this area. This isn't the sort of thing a real Wiccan would do… So… An explanation would be nice."

          "Maybe you should start with the message board," Brett advised, smiling only slightly. Despite a tone of voice that was serious overall, Ian could tell that Brett was enjoying himself greatly. "That… Or your real screenname."

          "Real screenname?" Meriel echoed. At that, Katril and Senna also looked up, from where they'd been embracing rather joyously. Apparently everyone was interested in hearing about a screenname they'd never heard of.

          "You all think of me as w00dnymph," Rylaine said simply, expression going almost haughty. "She actually isn't me. She's someone I knew… And… I hate her! I hate her, and I hate Wicca, and I hate stupid websites like the message boards you guys frequented to facilitate your depravity. I'm a vampire, and I'm a witch, but I don't associate with any given religion. Vampires tend to get the short end of the stick, at least where religion is concerned, and… I just hate how haughty you Wiccans get, with your law of three and your 'blessed be.' You're all just a bunch of wannabes!"

          "So… Who are you?" Meriel managed to ask, still confused. Glancing up at Brett, Ian wondered if the man could have looked any more gleeful. He was enjoying every second of Rylaine's "plight."

          "I'm a no one," Rylaine said, rapidly coming down from her soapbox-induced high. "None of you actually really knew me- only the girl you know as "w00dnymph" knew me. I merely hate these 'rituals.' Everything you believe in is fake… And… You just give creatures like us vampires a bad name, okay? You can't just be satisfied with being human and knowing of the existence of so many races who have worked so hard to keep themselves hidden in this world. You can't just be satisfied with psychic abilities. No, instead you have to assert this 'holier than thou' air, and… I guess I just wanted to take that from you, even if it was just the three of you."

          "Just… Ryla- Get out. Okay? Get out."

          In that instant, Ian's heart went out to Meriel. All things considered, Meriel had suffered a lot that night, what with all of the random "disasters" occurring on the night of her precious ritual. He knew that the party and the ritual had been important to Meriel, and now some stranger had all but ruined those important plans.

          "Fine. Just- get off your high horses, okay?" Apparently, Rylaine wouldn't be satisfied unless she'd had the last word. So speaking, she turned her back on the group, only to have a puff of gray-black smoke go up and surround her. When the smoke cleared away- quite quickly, in fact- there was no sign of Rylaine's presence left behind- aside from the zombie corpses and origami pawns, of course.

          "That was… An experience," Meriel murmured then. "I never will get my ritual, though, will I?"


          About half an hour after Rylaine's dramatic confession and disappearance, Ian found himself sitting on Meriel's armchair.

          In Brett's lap.

          If he'd had his way, Ian would have been sitting on the couch, where he could be next to Brett, and not on top of him. Despite not having to worry about what would happen if he transformed in front of everyone- Rylaine the vampire had removed that stigma- Ian was still very embarrassed about the whole situation. However, Senna and Katril were once again occupying the couch in the living room, so Brett and Ian would have to make do with the armchair, or do without.

          In the kitchen, Ian could hear Meriel muttering and cursing, but he'd gotten over his sympathy for her. She was his friend, and he loved her, but he was in half-wolf form sitting on top of a man who kept distracting him with feathery kisses, while trying to grope him in front of the girls on the couch. If Ian didn't pay Brett enough attention… Well, he might end up in an even more compromising situation.

          Ian did feel sorry for Meriel about the ritual, of course. By that point in the evening, it was already about twelve-thirty. It was no longer Halloween at all, but really the first of November. This meant that it was too late for a ritual, technically, and Meriel would have to wait another whole year. Ian figured that, on the up side, she'd met Katril and Senna, and now had two rather insane girls to contact after the first three hundred sixty-four days of the year had passed. Regardless of Rylaine's speech, the ritual would be held… Eventually.

          Rylaine wasn't exactly happy, Ian guessed. He'd pretty much pieced together what had happened. She'd found out about the ritual through the "real" w00dnymph, had taken the girl's place on the message boards, and had been invited to come. She'd summoned a "demon" to wreck the party- that would be Brett- but Brett hadn't exactly been what Rylaine was expecting. Brett wasn't just any demon- he was an incubus. Thus the un-flick-able horns, Ian figured. Rylaine hadn't worded the terms of her agreement with Brett specifically enough, and he'd weaseled his way out of the contract. Instead of destroying the party entirely, he'd just shown up, stealing kisses left and right.

          What was unplanned was the way he'd also managed to steal Ian's heart, more or less. Ian knew it sounded a bit like a line out of some particularly bad poetry, but it was pretty much true. Brett fed off of lust from women, but he'd confessed to thinking of human women as nothing more than meals. Even demon women didn't seem to do it for Brett. Then, Brett had met Ian… And what had started out as Brett's "tackling a challenge" turned into just a bit more.

          They were going to stay in touch after Samhain. Ian was a werewolf, Brett an incubus. They'd see what happened.

          Rylaine's plans with Brett fell through, resulting in Rylaine summoning some other ghosts and ghouls, only to have Brett help foil that plan. After Rylaine left, Meriel set to cleaning up the mess left in her wake, Brett bought all of Senna's squirrels- making them disappear and pleasing Meriel immensely- and the guests retired to the living room for a bit of romance before returning to their own homes.

          "You promise you won't disappear on me?" Ian asked Brett then, afraid to let the man go off without answering that niggling doubt in the back of Ian's head. Annoyed, Ian slapped one of Brett's hands away from his crotch, and waited for whatever answer Brett would provide.

          "Of course I won't," Brett assured him firmly, mouth hovering millimeters away from Ian's neck. Then, in what Ian was sure was a teasing manner, "You taste too good for me to do that."

          "Brett…" Ian whined. He was consoled, for the most part, although he wasn't amused by Brett's little comment. "Don't joke. After all, Rylaine was the vampire. You're just supposed to get off on other people's lust."

          Seeming to understand this feeling, and ignoring the return jibe for the moment, Brett tilted Ian's head to the side, so he could look the youth in the eye- properly. "You worry too much. And I don't get off on lust; I just feed on horny women. There's a slight difference there, you know."

          Ian laughed. He couldn't help himself. "That's almost cute, you know."

          "Shut up," Brett muttered, sounding annoyed. Ian was sure he really wasn't- after all, instead of shoving Ian away after Brett himself had made such a rude request for silence, Brett tugged Ian closer. He covered Ian's lips with his own.

          "I'm probably going to spend half my life as a werewolf, if you keep this up," Ian said jokingly, as soon as they'd broken off the kiss. His heart was beating more than just a bit erratically.

          "You'll just have to become more tolerable of my advances," Brett decided, rather haughtily. Ian only laughed, and leaned up to kiss Brett again.

          All things considered, it had probably been Ian's best Halloween yet. Regardless, he'd be miles away, the next time Meriel attempted to invite him to one of her Samhain gatherings. After the first, he knew better than to show up.  


[AUTHOR'S NOTE] That's right. Believe it or not, this is the end. I know… I'm personally not sure if this provides enough closure. My arguments? First, Katril and Senna's relationship. I meant to address it once more in the final scene, but then Ian wanted to do that scene from his point of view, and he hadn't been thinking much about those two. They actually met about six months prior to Samhain, and are currently dating. Thus their make-out scene. Each make-out scene with Brett and a female is attributed to his status as an incubus. He got Rylaine, too, by the way. When she summoned him. However, Brett and Ian's scenes are purely fun romantic fluff. That said… Rylaine's little confession also bothers me, just a bit. This is written in conjunction with my nanovel, meaning it's the same world. Perhaps if people knew more about the world, they'd understand Rylaine's feeling better. It merely feels like a cop-out- did I not lead up to that little scene well enough? I don't feel like I did, but whatever. The origami monsters and cage were Rylaine. And the ghouls and ghosts were real monsters. Anyway- It's still over. No ritual, either. *grin* So… Tell me what you thought?

And I might do an epilogue. As a separate story, mind you, and not until after nanowrimo (most likely in January, not December), but… We'll revisit Ian and Brett's relationship, if I do the story. AND we'll visit Katril and Senna, in terms of their relationship. Plus Meriel will be back. Rylaine, however, is gone for good.

And that's the end. FIN. It's over. Thanks for reading! Review~!