No secrets do my heart hold,
But one.
That secret, my dear, is bold,
For it is love.

The love that cares beyond words,
Love that does not bear a grudge.
That speaks a volume to be heard,
Yet no sound is spoken.

It sings its own sweet melody.
How I wish to let you see,
The love that is held within my breast,
So strong it is, I cannot rest.

Forgive me, love, for I cannot,
Tell you how I feel.
Wrenches my heart 'til it is taught,
That is love, for real.

To see you each new day,
Brings both joy and pain.
For I cannot bring myself to say,
That which racks my brain.

I cannot stop loving you,
Though I know it is true,
That you and me, us two,
Will never ever say I do.