Forever Yours

By Erica L. Brickner

The night was speeding by. I had to go now. I silently crept up the stairs, being particularly careful to stop over the one that creaked. I always step over it; it's part of my routine. It made to much noise might wake my mom. What would she do waking up and finding everyone's "little angel" sneaking out of their quiet suburban house at 2 a.m.? I'll tell you what she'd do; she would yell and World War II would have commenced . I pushed that thought out of my mind, checked my backpack and kept moving. In the kitchen I clumsily groped in the dark for something to eat, finally coming up with an orange. I tossed the orange into my backpack and continued on my way to the front door.

Something was pushing me to go. I gently closed the door behind my, a small chill ran down my spine. It was late fall and nearly all the leaves had changed color. Bright yellows and reds, vibrant oranges, dusty browns, all were waiting for their chance to fall. I quickly slipped on a gray, hooded sweatshirt over my black V-neck T-shirt. "Ah, much better."

The streets were barren, but I wasn't shocked. Marysville is populated, predominately, by the elderly. They were usually in bed by nine, so I never had any witnesses to my late night escapades.

These late night walks were becoming quite the habit for me. They started out being my escape from my mom and dad's constant bickering; after he left they just kind of became something to do. By now I was sneaking out a couple times a week. The first times I was very cautious never going too far for too long, but was different I didn't worried about being caught.

After fifteen minutes of walking I reached my destination: the park. I made my way to the scrub brush where the Indian trails started. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to hike back into the trails. I loved being surrounded by nature. I tended to stick to one specific trail, for generally, I am a creature of habit but tonight was to be different before I knew what was going on I was headed down a trail that I hadn't known even existed.

I don't remember how long I walked but when I looked down at my watch it was 3:30. I didn't recognize the place where I had stopped. The trees seemed a lot thicker, denser in this spot. But hey maybe it was just me. I sat down under an old sycamore, my stomach started growling. It felt like I hadn't eaten in ages. I pulled the orange and my headphones out of my backpack. I cranked my headphones as loud as they would go and started peeling my orange. The music was entrancing. I began to eat.