You Drowned in the Air

Your prescence vaguely resides here,
feeling you, a pendent above my shoulders.
Your breath touches my neck, lace-like.
Laying here in the mist, in strewns of leaves
with nature's open arms clasping me.
I squint and hope for the haze to part.

The wind howls menacingly, harsh sounds
feeling contumely to me. I seek for one last
image of you, within the intense fog;
but it is like you have drowned in the air.

So here I lay, aslant in the crunching of
biege-brown leaves. Peace is never restored,
or mentally abated. I feel your breath again,
once more but it alters into a brawl; a brawl
where the softness shifts into shards, and
violently stroking me. You have mocked me
for I believed you were beyond the sky.