Authors Comment: Okay I've had these boys in my head for some time and even have drawn them a few times so its about time that they get their own story now ^__^ It is shonen-ai/slash (boy love) so there's my warning!  Just to let you know what ever is in

** This ** is Ty's fantasy

Andy You're a Star

Chapter 1: Running late

            Have you ever had one of those mornings and you just know you're in for one hell of a bad day?  Well I was having one of those mornings…  Yes today was going to be hell as I ran franticly around my room pulling my cloths on and somewhere in all this chaos brush my short brown hair and get out of the house so I wouldn't be late for school.

            "Ma where's my backpack?"  I yelled

            "Next to your shoes by the door."  My mom told me as she steeped in the room

            "Thanks!"  I said running past her to get to it

            "I though you left already…" She said as she walked behind me

            "Woke up late…" I muttered shoving my shoes on and tied them hastily

            "Well Ty do you need a ride to school then?" she asked still in her nightgown

            "I'm late mom…  I'll see you later."  I said giving her a hug and ran out the door.

            Of course, by now all, the little kids where standing outside waiting for their bus.  I ran down the street yelling for them to move as I ran.  I could only hope I didn't run into someone in my mad man run or trip for that matter…  Oh cruel gods what did I do? I was even doing my best not to cuss because of all the little kids around but it was hard.

            "Dammit!  I'm so late!"  I yelled angrily

            With that slip, I had some mom yelling at me for the word so as I ran I made the big mistake of running backwards as I apologized to the woman…  Yes, I wasn't paying attached at all, to where I was going and I ran into someone…  Not just anyone ether…

            "What the hell?  Watch where you're going!"  Yelled the man I ran into

            "I'm….  Andy?"  I felt my whole face turn red…

            "Your what?"  The blonde asked

            "Sorry?  It…just I'm running late and…" Dammit, why was I stuttering like a fool?

            Of all people for me to run into why Andy why not someone else?  Andy was the guy that made me finally realize I was gay I guess…  Or maybe it was my friend Kim when she came out to me.  Ether way I was in love with Andy…  Yes Andy Woods our schools number one athlete…  He was handsome to boot… about ever girl in our school was in love with him for his looks and why not?  He was tall and lean and had short blonde hair and those cat green eyes with that boyish face that made him look younger then he was…

            "Do you need a ride then?"  Andy asked walking to the driver side of his black mustang.

            "Um… sure."  Stay cool don't act like you got the hots for him and you'll be safe…

            Slowly I got in holding on tight to my backpack as I sat down and buckled. My whole body was tingling at the fact that I know sat in Andy's car… 

            "You can put your bag in the back." He said pointing his thumb to the back seat  

            "I'm fine." I whispered as my mine began to wander…

**      " Come here Ty I want to tell you something…" Andy whispered

            "Yeah?" I answered leaning into him

            With that, Andy kissed my ear and his hands slowly moved to touch me. I moved in even closer to him… Then his soft lips touched mine… **

            "We're here now." Andy muttered as he turned the car off

            "Thanks for the ride" I managed as I shook my head of the fantasy

            "Yeah no problem are you gonna need a ride home?" He asked

            " No thanks." I said even though I so badly wanted so say yes

            "Okay well I guess I'll see you in English... Umm what's your name again?" Andy asked

            "Ty…" I muttered

            He didn't even remember my name…  Though at lest he knew I was in his English class… I didn't have time to worry about this… I ran down the hall and into the office to get a tardy pass and made my way to math getting my homework out as I ran. I opened the door to the class knowing I'd be interrupting the class.

            "Mr. Love it's nice of you to finally show up for class" The teacher said mockingly

            "Sorry Mr. Cray here my pass and homework." I said taking my sit next to Kim. 

            "It's not like you to be late…" Kim noted

            "Well my alarm didn't go off this morning…" I muttered

            "Still even then you're here early to get a look at Andy as he comes in anyhow…" Kim said giggling

            "Well he was late this morning too." I muttered

            "Oh really? And pray tell how do you know?" She asked with a smirk

            "He gave me a ride this morning…" I muttered knowing the teasing was about to start

            "How cute! Did you get excited?" She asked

            "Shut up! I didn't and anyway I had my backpack in my lap…" I muttered

            Kim…She was about 5'4 had long blonde wavy hair and teal colored eyes.  She wasn't super skinny but she wasn't fat either.  We'd been best friend ever since third grade.  We'd both been there for the other as we found out we were both gay…it was funny because that day we're like."  I have something to tell you…" and since then we've been even closer.  We always played around with each other about the strait people we had crushes on. So even now, it was just her way of playing.