Once, the Great Ones of Light who ruled this land made a mistake. It was the year 2010 when the land was covered in ghosts and witches and other Creatures of the Night. Therefore, the Great Ones of Light made the Decree of Night to make the sun stay up all the time. They thought it would destroy all the witches and ghosts and bad Creatures of the Night. They didn't think it would hurt humans like us. But there are People of the Night, too. They party and have fun and don't mind the darkness. That was the great mistake.
When the sun began to stay up all day, many Creatures of Night died, but some had heard of the Decree of Night. A few of these creatures stayed inside. All the vampires died. Good witches shriveled up in the sunlight, while the bad ones made a cream they could rub on their skin to make them invulnerable to the sunlight. Ghosts dissipated in the harsh sunlight with terrible moans. Werewolves were cured, never to change again, but the Great Ones of Light had them burned at the stake for the people they had killed unknowingly. Thus the Great Ones of Light became hypocrites.
Those People of the Night died in sunlight, and after a while, others began to die, too. This was all covered up by the schemes of the Great Ones of Light, but they still needed to do something about this. They created the Decree of Age. Anyone who was younger than 16 or older than 60 was sent out to the desert to "learn more about the Ways of Light". This was not true. The Great Ones of Light sent the ones older than 60 to die in a nursing home and the children to fight the bad witches of the desert and eventually die. One such child didn't die, however. His name was Peter Mols.