A Dream He Wish He Forgotten

Fear was about to strike and his eyes as Danny reach the top of stairs and the floors begins to squeak. He felt choked with guilt as lightning begins to strike louder and louder, his

heart starts racing as the thunder grew louder sending Danny into alarm fearing everything that came into his mind because of what was said over the radio that a mask murder is on the loose and he's and our area.

The door flew open and the stranger was standing there and a yellow raincoat and hat over his head and he stirred at the top stairs and head for Danny, as the stranger screams out Danny's name telling him that his parents can't save you, you're mines. As the stranger came closer to Danny he begins to scream but no one couldn't hear him cry when the stranger grabbed him by his neck and told him it's time to die Danny any last words before you go


Danny eye's had widen open and his heart stop he couldn't breath he was about to die and the man asked him was these the last words before he go? The light kept shining from the street as if it was his parents coming home but it was just a light passing by.

What do you want from me? I want you Danny my son I'm not your son don't talk back to me, who the hell are you? You will soon find out one day my son the stranger through Danny across the room as he heard the car pulled and the drive way he flew down stairs and went out the back door.