Danny Knows

Danny ran home as fast as he could. He stormed into the house calling his mother and father name and Barbara and Tom came running out of the kitchen. Danny, what is? Is something wrong? I heard you at school who is Norge and why is he after our family?

Danny, I think you better sit down. Danny set and the chair like his mother told him and Tom begged her not to tell him who he is. Kage he needs to know who he is and what he's capable of it's now or never.

Danny, my family comes from a long line of Protectors and it's our job to protect the earth from evil.

Kage your father is a Shining sworn to protect The Protectors from evil but The Elders grew furious that The Shining would fall and love with The Protectors.

So the Shining went into hiding and The Protectors went into fear and that's when Norge attack our kingdom and killed half of The Protectors.

We knew that we had to go to the future in order to protect you from our past and now our past has come back to haunt us down and killed us, we are the only ones, that's left of our kind.

So you giving up and ran like a coward instead of staying and fighting for your kingdom? Danny, it's not that simple we were out number and half of my kind is dead because of you.

You didn't suppose to happen The Shining didn't suppose to fall in love with their Protectors they suppose to guide them and show them there way and be there when the ruff gets ruffs.

The Shining is more powerful then you know it, they test me and your father relationship to see if our love was strong enough to produce a child with powers that they can't in magic. Danny, you are the sworn protector to the earth.

You cannot disregard your destiny. This is your destiny Danny this is now my family and your fathers' family was at war because of this. The Shining took out evil wants before and The Protectors raise the war against evil.

Good has always been good and evil has always been evil but you are good in good holds the key to The Shining.

Danny, I can't hide what was in the past and now the past has come to the future to kill us I must say I will do it again to protect you. You didn't suppose to happen but am glad it did because if I didn't I wouldn't know the son I have raise and be proud of.

Barbara someone is coming if we 're going to do this we must do it now Kage can sense the danger that is about to approach them.

Barbara and Danny give me your hand Barbara and Danny gave Kage their hand and they vanished before Norge could burst into the door. Father, who was that?

Norge he's a demon that's been haunting our families powers forever two hundred years and now he's this close to whipping out our existing and your destiny.