There are all sorts of stories about vampires and werewolves, so much common fiction that it's hard to tell where the truth ends and the stories begin. But only a short while ago, two of my friends and I discovered the horrendous truth about vampires, werewolves, and other such creatures of darkness. How? I'll come back to that in a minute. I will tell you however, that what we uncovered was a secret that had been hidden for centuries....and it would have an everlasting impact on the way that we viewed the darkness that surrounds the earth every day of our lives. But you are probably impatient for me to begin this tale, so I will tell you but understand that if for any reason you don't believe me, whatever past that is out of my hands.

History agrees of course, that Dracula was a nobleman who made a pact with the devil because of some great tragedy. It even agrees that he was a brilliant man, forced to forever walk the night because of the pact that he made. What many don't know is that Dracula was more than a brilliant man, he was a horrendous sorcerer. He indulged himself in dealing with the dark arts, and that was what ultimately led to his demise.

While searching through centuries old manuscripts, my friends and I happened upon a scroll which gave a final account of Lord Dracula's life, and truth be told, it also revealed to us the secret that had eluded so many for so long. I admit, none of us took it seriously until not long after our discovery, strange coincidences started to happen.

You see, Lord Vladimus Dracule was highly respected and known, and he was also highly feared amongst the circles. Not only was he a very dangerous intellect, but his ferocious temper made him a match to be reckoned with. The only person who could calm his temper was his wife, Lady Nanciana Dracule. No matter what happened, she could calm him at the slightest whisper of her voice the slightest touch of her fingertips against his face. It was greatly known that she was his most beloved treasure, and he adored her more and more with the passing years. The love that they shared was precious to them, but it wouldn't last forever.

The trouble started within his family, when his half brother, Lord Arnaud Del Moitte decided that he wanted Lady Nanciana for himself. He was quite convinced that she had somehow thought him the better of the two, and he made it his desire to win her over. Despite her repeated refusals, he tried over and over to get her to leave her husband and marry him. But she took no heed of it, couldn't even commit such an act against her husband. In time, Lord Del Moitte stopped his requests, but he never forgot them. He carefully waited keeping out of his brother's sight while he carried out his own plans and secrets. He wanted Lady Nanciana, and he would stop at nothing to have her for himself.

In due time of course, Lord Dracule and Lady Nanciana became the proud parents of a child, a boy. This boy, their son was named Lucious, and grew up with all the characteristic traits of his father, only he was also sensitive, like his mother. The Lord and his wife loved their son. They gave him whatever he wished, and although he came to have more possessions than a young man would normally need, being blessed by such wealth did not spoil him. Still, he was kind and sincere many of the women amongst the town referred to him as the 'angel Lucious'. He was well liked by everyone. He accompanied his father and other wealthy members of royal families on hunting trips and things of the like.

In this way, Lord Del Moitte realized his brother's weaknesses. His family. He planned many nights devising ways to strip his brother of everything that he ever cared about. And in the fall of 1426, his plan was realized.

The Lord and his son, along with some men from the village went out for the local hunt. In those days, it was quite customary and understood that at least six or seven days would be spent by the men in the woods until they'd completed their hunting. This was all right, and Lady Nanciana wished her husband, son, and the other hunters luck on their trip. Atop his horse, Lucious watched as his parents shared a farewell kiss, then he rode off into the woods to join the others.

That very night, Lord Del Moitte beseiged Dracule's castle and assaulted Lady Nanciana, taking her over and over, to the delight of his murderous and twisted mind. Then, when he'd had his way with her enough, he ordered his men to kill her and bury her body. Which they did. The first part of his plan was complete. Then he ordered his men to hunt down Dracule and his son, but not kill them. He wanted them to personally see what he was going to do to them. Unbeknownst to him however, Lucious had been attacked by a rabid wolf on the third day of the hunt. He was dying, although his father never left his side.

When Del Moitte's men tracked down the hunting party, they savagely killed the other hunters and their dogs, before turning their attention to finding Lord Dracule. Searching the forest, they finally found the tent where his son Lucious lay dead. Since they couldn't take back the dead body, they left it where they'd found it. That being done, they then turned their attention to finding the Lord. A massive search was made, and finally, they located him. He'd been wounded by two of Del Moitte's advance party spies, who'd hidden amongst the hunters and had tried to take him captive. He'd fought them and been wounded, which was why he had continued to hide in the forest. But facing a larger number of men, Lord Dracule knew that he wouldn't be able to fight them all so he surrendered himself to their party.

Taken before Lord Del Moitte, Lord Dracule was beside himself with grief at the thought that his own brother would commit such an act against him. It wasn't until he realized that his wife was missing that he understood just what it was that his brother had done. Even though he was weak and barely able to stand, Dracule tried to confront his brother, although his brother's men held him back. Del Moitte ordered his brother to be taken to the chapel and whipped, for his amusement.

Del Moitte's men tied Lord Dracule to the huge silver cross that stood in the family chapel and beat him severly. They tortured him over and over, despite his screams and cries of agony. And then at the end of it, Lord Del Moitte went to the chapel himself. Staring his brother in the eyes, he pulled out his silver and gold inlaid dagger and placed it upon the chapel altar. Asking his brother if there was anything that he wanted to say, Lord Dracule looked up and spat in his brother's face, then cursed him by saying that he would not rest until he had avenged himself and his family. Del Moitte was amused at this, and he promptly took the dagger and stabbed Lord Dracule in his heart then left him there, still bound.

Alone in the chapel and dying, with only his own mind to know it, Dracule cursed himself and his son. He uttered a Latin curse for his son, urging him to rise from the grave and become the wolf using the primitive urge of blood to avenge himself and his mother. For himself, Lord Dracule uttered another Latin curse, asking that a new life be granted unto him for the one that was being taken from him.

And he died, his blood flowing from his heart and onto the dagger before spilling to the ground.

Two days later, when Del Moitte's men came to remove Lord Dracule's body to burn it, they were astounded to see the ropes that had held him ripped and broken, and a large pool of blood upon the floor. Del Moitte's dagger was missing too, but it turned up three weeks later pinning Lord Del Moitte to the inner door of his chamber study through the throat. The murderer was never found, and soon his death faded from knowledge.

After that came the unexplained disappearances of men, women, children, and it is here that I will begin to tell you what we indeed found and uncovered on a bright sunny November morning, not too long ago..........