Fall together

You tell me you're in love with me
But the love I no longer see

When in you're arms you kept me warm
They were my shelter from the storm

Walking past me every day I see a tear
Fall down you face, don't cry my dear

Cause I'm the one that caused the pain
I'm the one that made it rain

And as I cry more and more
Am I dead I'm not quite sure?

But leaving all this destruction aside
I decided to commit my suicide

And as I lay they're on the floor
I here my named called more and more

It was you and you were there
Told me you loved me with a care

"I shall fall, I'll fall with you"
And then love I never knew

We both lay hand in hand
Under a clock that the ticks expand

And with the last tick there goes the pain
Are eyes close never seen again.