~Diable Reine~

Demon Queen

I was born into the human world,

One night.

It shook the sky and ground,

Blood spewing up between the cracks.

Only the darkling saw and heard,

They drank plentifully,

The old blood of the corpses.

It ran black and blue,

Red and silver;

The blood of demons,



And unicorns,

All much too pure to outlive mortality.

That is why we are immortal.

They are mortal.

Such a doom does that word promise.

Inside it lies most.


Sweet word that rolls over my tongue.

Bleak and suspicious.

Promising the birth of a demon through loss of pathetic souls,

The offering of sweet wine.

Sweet eternity,

And mayhem for the disgusting innocent human races,

Not able to see through the barrier that binds them...

The barrier called a soul,

And only in their moments of utmost fear,

Does that barrier break.

They think they have gone insane.

A human mind offers such a delicious feast.

I screamed the night I was born from Hell.

My beauty rivaled Death,

And all bowed before me.

Death ruled the demon world with me.

And all trembled,

The world screamed and stooped to me.

Blood and bodies were plentiful,

Deaths were sweet.

Now, I wait in Hell for my second rebirth into the human world.

I wait for another prophecy to awake.