The Death Boulders

I am part of a ritual sacrifice,
And I shall be the one to die.
They say it is for the moon,
Otherwise she shall not smile and shine upon us,
And that it is for the earth...
My blood shall feed and nourish her for our crops.
But they never once thought of me.
I feel the wind kissing my cheeks,
He is comforting me,
He has always spoken to me...
He reassured me of my mother's passage to the gods,
Told me that the Saxons would soon leave,
That the war would be over,
But my brother and father still died,
So there was no one to speak for me.
I'm too terrified to scream,
Too mystified to feel anything,
To hear anything.
When they speak,
I hear nothing but a distant echo.
Will they not just kill me?
But finally it is the night.
The moon is full,
Strangely uncovered by clouds thought the rain pours heavily from the
It will wash my spirit away,
Melting it with my blood.
So I shall burn,
Cinders cast into the darkness of the void,
To be nothingness with all other sacrifice dust.
I cannot fight them,
If that happened,
My demise would be much worse,
Do I truly have the worth of kindling,
Turned to nothing so easily?
To just be snuffed out so easily?
The gentle wind still helps to suffocate my fear,
Murmuring of heaven's greatness,
That I shall no longer suffer for my family's deaths,
That in the graces of the gods I will be free and see my family,
He said he will numb me so I feel not pain,
But the screams shall still escape my lips,
In order to satisfy the chieftains.
The gods will not damn me for such a deed...
It is not spiteful,
Just the wish to die peacefully.
The wind tells me his secrets...
He is the gods' messenger.
They wish the sacrifices would end,
They never wanted this menacing threat.
And so they come to take me to my death,
Upon boulders that will effect my essence,
Sending beyond the foretelling stars.
I feel the knife pierce me and I bleed and bleed,
When I finally receive decapitation.
But my blood flows on...
What was it that I was afraid of?