Chapter 11

"Drinking game!"

Everyone turned to Jake who was raising a deck of cards in one hand and a beer bottle in the other.

"Dude, it's still early," Andrew said.

"I know. A drinking game will be able to get everyone right fucked up. Get this party going good!"

No one could argue with Jake's logic, so a group of them gathered around on a bleach blanket to play the game.

Troy and Anna joined the group, as did Jake, Andrew, Ashley, Kerri, Pike. Brooke said that drinking games were idiotic and went off to talk to a group of frat boys who had just arrived. Jeff and Liss had decided to skip out on the game and go catch up on some precious make out time.

"Hey Devin, come join us!" Jake called to an emo-looking guy in black rimmed glasses who was walking by.

"Why, what's up?"

"Sociables," Kerri said, "Grab a seat!"

Kerri and Andrew shuffled over to let Devin sit down on the blanket.

"Alright, let's get the rules sorted out," Jake said, "Each card is assigned a different rule. I'm sure everyone's played before, so let's get this going."

They then went on to assign each card a different task for when someone would pull it from the pile, which usually resulted in one, two, or more people taking a drink. Jake consistently tried to make 'girls take off their shirts' as one of the cards, but the girls weren't going for it.

As the game progressed, the party was growing larger and larger. The beach was dotted with all kinds of people, both employees who lived at Pine Beach over the summer, people who had cabins there and were at the resort lots, and new people who were only at Pine Beach for the week, but stumbled onto it. There was a group of underage kids who had also managed to sneak into the party and were drinking more than they could handle.

The card players looked over at these kids and laughed.

"How old can they be?" Anna shook her head.

"Oh come on, you tried sneaking into parties where you were that young I'm sure," Kerri pointed out, "You're turn Troy."

Troy reached into the pile of cards and pulled out a Queen.

"Queen, girls drink!"

All the girls in the circle took a swig of their coolers.

"That's right, let's get em nice and liquored up!" Jake laughed out loud.

"Go Ashley," Troy said laughing at Jake.

Ashley pulled out a nine of clubs. "What're nines again?"

"I Never," Troy told her.

"Oh ok. Let's see, um," she pondered what she would say, "I never….. made out with a girl."

This obviously made all of the guys take a drink. But to everyone's shock, Kerri also picked up a shot glass and threw back some of her cherry whiskey.

"Whoahooooooo!" everyone roared with laughter.

"Really?! When?!" Troy asked, staring at her with surprise.

"It was nothing, just happened a couple summers ago," Kerri said chuckling and poorly hiding her embarrassment, "We were drunk, it was at a party."

"Did you video tape it?" Jake uncouthly asked.

"Yeah Jake, taped the whole thing," she said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

"Sweeeeet," he grinned. Everyone laughed.

"Okay okay, back to the game," Kerri finally said.

"Anna, you're turn," Devin pointed out.

Anna drew a card to reveal a jack of spades. "What's this one again?" she asked.

"That's a rule card," Troy told her, "You get to make any rule you want."

"Ooo, okay. How about, anyone who says the name of either person sitting beside them has to drink."

"I like it! Nice one Anna," Troy complimented her, causing everyone to cry out "Whoaaa! Drink!"


"You said Anna! Drink!" Kerri pointed out to him."

"Damn it!" Troy laughed as he chugged down his beer.

"Hey, Troy," Jake got his attention as he finished draining his drink, "Look who made an appearance."

Troy looked over to the direction Jake was pointing out with his side-nodding head. There was Kendell Kerrington, looking very awkward as she stood on the outside of the party with some guy who looked like a typical mid-20's pretty boy.

"What is she doing here?" Kerri said is a low voice, "She never socializes."

"And who's that guy she's with?" Ashley wondered aloud, obviously staring at his huge chest as she said it.

"Probably some moronic male model or something," Jake said, almost with a hint of jealousy.

"Well Jake," Kerri turned to him with a sly smile on her face, "Why don't you go over there and work your magic?"

"Yeah Jake," Andrew piped in, "You always talk about getting with her, now's your chance."

"Yeah, well," Jake stumbled, "we'll see…."

Everyone laughed, knowing that Jake was just all talk.

"She looks so awkward doesn't she?" Anna said as they all looked back to the gorgeous brunette, "She's not talking to anyone. Why did she even come?"

"Yeah. She's obviously too good to talk to any of us," Brooke said snidely.

"I'm not sure it's like that," Troy defended her, thinking to himself that no one was exactly going to talk to her either.

"Let's just get back to the game," Pike said, not too interested in having the girls get into a jealous bitchfest about Kendell Kerrington and her Perfect 10 figure.

The game went on for a few more rounds, with each round bringing the participants closer and closer to a drunken state. By the time the last round came around, Devin had inserted a rule which allowed the first person to notice someone else saying a name they shouldn't be to give a dare to that person as well.

Just as it came to be Pike's turn again, Andrew turned over to the drink supply to get another beer.

"Troy, 'nother one?"

"Sound's good," Troy replied.

"Jake? Pike? Devin? Another beer?"

"Hey! Jake's sitting beside you! Drink!"

"And you get to give him a dare," Devin made sure to point out.

"Ooooo yes," Anna said as she rubbed her hands together, "Let's see. Well, why don't you make out with Ashley?"

"So this is turning into spin the bottle now?"

"Hey, the dare has been made."

Ashley tried really hard not to let her excitement show through as she waited for Andrew to kiss her. The others started chanting "Andrew, Andrew, Andrew," until he turned around and kissed her. He was worried cause he knew that she liked him, and didn't want to lead her on, but at the same time he didn't want to embarrass her by refusing to kiss her in front of everyone.

He leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

"No, no, no," Anna shook her finger, "I said make out. That was just lame."

"Alright," Andrew sighed as he turned back and kissed her again, this time for longer. Ashley decided to take the chance and slip her tongue in, as a little message that she was hoping for more later on. After about twenty seconds, they broke off to face the cheering crowd around them.

"Well, I think we should end this on a high note, get back to the party," Kerri suggested.

"One last drink!" Pike called, raising his glass in the middle of the circle. Everyone else did the same. They chugged down the last of their drinks and turned back to the rest of the now hopping party.