Such Grand Beauty
By:Andrew Troy KelIer

It was on the Thirty First day of October and
My friends and I were all partying at the Grand
Hotel with all of the guests dancing to the music
Of a band that truly indeed was heavy metal basic.

But that was before I've spotted someone with such grand
Beauty that I've allowed myself to walk myself over to
Her and asked,"Well,where do you want to go
From here?",just before she had let out a smile
And answered,"Anywhere within a radiance of one whole mile."

And with that,we've left the party and drove to
A place known as the Rockefeller Club,where we were
Able to walk on into the very same building where
Each and every member of high society's elite were members
Of and we've gone upstairs where she had removed her
Dress and exposed her nude body to me without care.

And then,after she had slowly walked over to me
And placed her nude arms and bare legs around me,
The both of us had kissed each other ever so
Passionately on the lips and allowed my hand to go
Place itself on her bare hip,only to suddenly see
The lady disappear without a trace and notice that it
Actually was Elizabeth Beckinsale,who was the one true spirit
Who has been haunting the Rockefeller Club ever since her
Death on the exact day in the month of October.

However,the next day,I was unable to explain it.