Plaster smile

is how I walk into school.

Grinning, waving,

happy, laughing with friends

but they can't see through the shield

and see the real me.

I'm covered up by a cloned society.

Nothing to do but keep it all in.

Be fake.

The real me's the one that questions

everything, frienship,

brains, loyalty.

Is afraid of reality.

The me you see is

always fine, no problems,

no sadness-nothing's wrong-

If only you knew the real me.

The one that cries, hates,

and gets angry.

Only covered by a

society today that screams to everyone,

not just me,

'Be fake,

Don't let people see the real you.'

No one likes to know the real person

-only answer acceptable is Be fake-

It's the only way you're accepted today.

They don't want to realize the ugly truth,

but I do.

So the mask, plaster smile gone,

I take it all off.

You must accept me for me.

If you don't like it,

well, it's you're choice.

I choose not to be fake like the rest of today's society.

I ignore the calling, but you can run to it, go ahead and

Be fake like the rest of today's society.