Slowly, I open mine eyes,
expecting to find thee by my side
But as I look, I remember:
thou left and would never return.

I close my eyes again,
going back to sleep,
where thou reside with me;
where we art together, in dreams.

I dare to wish for thou to stay,
that thou would never leave me.
I send the wish upon the stars;
hoping that it will come true.

A wish fulfilled is what I want,
the only thing I have in mind.
But as happy we were, I was awaken,
and back to the grey world I was.

I thought of the first time we met,
many a year ago, in the forest.
I told thee this, my dear Knight:
"My heart belongs with thee."

And always we were together,
until the day where thou went oversea.
They told me the war would come.
I had a dream, that thou would die.

"My dear Knight, thou must not go,
for I have seen in my dreams, thou,
laying in blood from thy heart."
But thou waved me off: "worry not."

For thou was ordered by the King
to go and fight along the soldiers,
the Knights and the peasants.
Yet, it was an early winter morning.

The rules of warfare, spoke of this:
"Thou must not fight in mid-winter,
in bad harvest nor in black moons."
But none followed these rules.

I could not understand why they did not.
Hoped the King would change his mind.
But he didn't, and thou were sent to war.
Along the soldiers, Knights and peasants.

I did not think of our King as evil.
He was proud, but his heart was pure.
The war was not started by him,
but by a great Empire nearby.

They wanted to conquer our Kingdom.
To rule the Earth, was the Emperor's wish.
Therefore they started to conquer land.
I hoped they'd be stopped, before the end.

And stopped they were, by the King's army.
By thee and all the soldiers, Knights, peasants.
I should be happy, and happy I was.
Until I heard that thou were dead.

I cried for many days, yet,
I was hoping the mare was riding.
Expecting myself to wake up.
And find thee by mine side.

But thou were dead, and would never return.
I received thy sword from the King;
I cried, for it was broken in two pieces.
I kept it in a blanket, as a memory of thee.