It's 'kill yourself' weather outside.
All the decorations are struggling in the wind,
Tied down to their posts.
But me, I can't look at them.
I can't go anywhere but inside myself.
I'm running out of places to hide from you.
When you find me you tear me up
From the inside and I savor the pain because
You know I'm there.

All the makeup and black threads in this fucked world
Can't dress me up in something I'm not.
I'm not myself.

I hate you, I hate you.

I say each word so carefully.
Yes, I'm aware she's better than me.
Prettier, with a better costume.
Do you fucking understand me? Do you try?
You read my lines but you don't comprehend.
You can't comprehend.
Why am I so confusing?
Why does my pumpkin have your name carved into it?
I'm really bad at this.

I swear I'll have a worse time.
And I know you'll enjoy the absence of my troubles.
For now, you don't have to pretend to like me.

I hate you, I hate you.

Maybe some gracious man will give me poison candy
And it will burn my tongue until I can't form words.
You know, its better that way.
Or maybe I'll throw everything away and
Tie weigh myself down with candy corns
To the bottom of the lake.
You know, it's better that way.

I hate you, I hate you.
I love Halloween.