Gunshot in the Dark

friday night and there's a light on
A blinking in the dark.
Hidden in the black, the clouds
Of night, a gunfire in the park.

Blares of music, drunken cries
the clack of shoes in the rain.
The search for love it carries on,
More and more of just the same.

But the lamp that shines above
in quieter confies of space
Is somwhere no worse, no better
It's just another place

To wait it out, to forget about
All that's to be got.
Or not to be got, as some would say.
Be content with your lot.

It's folly to seek, or so you'd think
Something that's not quite there.
But all we ever want from life is
To feel someone may care

So whether you seek it in your room
Or drunkenly in the park
You'll never get quite what you want
Just a gunshot in the dark