Shrub: Oh vile day!
Befouled by mine enemy, and that of my father.
He that seeketh to divide mine people
Though divided they already are.
Through air, by land, and by sea
Cometh he in many forms.
And yet, he shall not prevail.
Mine wits are strong and I shall not be
The same coward as mine father
Who lay with mine and his enemy.

(Senior approaches)

Good day, Father! Suggest you not what mine actions should be.
To a decision have I already come.

Senior: Oh good son, wilt thou not listen to me?
My experience outweighs yours;
I know that of which I speak.

Shrub: Thou knowest too well Father, and that is thy problem.
Bin Laden was thy friend, now he is mine enemy,
And thine as well.

Senior: Oh Shrub, woe upon thee!
Thou lacks experience and knowledge of he
That would betray you, given the chance.
And yet, here you give me this sad, ancient tug-of-war dance.
A power struggle between father and son
Unfitting of president of the nation which thou hast just won!

Shrub: Quiet, dear Father, you know not that of which you speak!
My advisors, so dear to me, have told me just what to think!
I will run this country in my own special way
Do not challenge me with your tired, old say.

Senior: If that be how you feel, then perhaps I best be gone.
But I warn thee now:
If thou doth continue down this tangled path
Treachery will destroy you for the knowledge you lack.

Shrub: Goodnight, dear Father, I do bid thee well.
But what will be, only the history books will tell!

(Senior exits)

Shrub: And now, to tomorrow must I go
To tend to my people's newly found woe.