Mark, this, as, the end of my days
Still outside the flag waves
It is beaten, broken crushed
Because I can't afford a new one
The apocalyptic end
Is good for business
I've got a job down at the factory
Making bombs to blow up cities
The President stands high holy
On his pedestal
And I'm only as good as my money
And a single vote
Being a good American
Means being a Conservative
It means giving your son up to war
When the politicians don't
I'm concerned about domestic security
But it seems like patriotic travesty
I've got paranoia stirs
In my nationalistic slurs
I receive low wages but
Don't get tax breaks
And I still don't know who'll
Get me my health benefits
America that Empire at its apex
I saw a homeless man the other day
And proceeded to give him all my change
A man walked by - self-contained and scoffing
A pioneer who upholds equality
America the Empire at its apex
Our image stands strong
In imposed galvanization
The flag is beaten, broken crushed
By our own self-indulgence
The world is so subordinate
And I'm just part of an embodiment
Throughout time man has marveled
Now man marvels the American Empire
At its apex