Do you ever feel this way?
The way I feel right now,
Just wanting to give in,
But not knowing how.

Do you ever want to take that breath?
And let it fade away,
Into the darkness let it bleed,
While amidst the shadow you lay.

Could you ever truly sit?
And see love within a heart?
Not be afraid of the next kiss,
Know that they'll never part.

Why would you want to sit there?
And know you'll just get hurt,
That's why I run, why I bleed,
I must run before I'm burnt.

So I'm sorry if I hurt you,
But my love isn't easily sold,
I'd prefer to stay right here,
And not in blistering cold.

I'd prefer to just feel nothing,
Not the warmth upon my skin,
Because as that warmth does fade,
You feel only coldness within.

I'd prefer to just stay here,
But I don't wish to be alone,
I need someone to love,
To feel that I'm at home.

For I'm sick of being used,
Bent up inside as well,
The fire of hatred starts to grow,
You know nothing of my hell.

I'll leave you with peace,
And a gentle dream,
Of a happy girl,
Who sees life as it shouldn't be.

By Siobhan

Date: 31/October/2004