Everlasting Love

Don't leave me

I can't live without you

I love you

You are my everything

If your memory dies

So do I

My soul is nothing without your laughter

My tears worthless when not spent on you

You damn me to an impossible fate

Ripped, torn

I am broken in pieces

Glass from the things I broke in your name

Litters my hardwood floor

The curtains swaying in the breeze of a night air

Call to me

Lead me to a balcony

Below a city

Lights, loves, never compasating you

Never will live a soul like yours

So childlike, so pure

Surreal what short time does to me

Breathe into me one last time

Tell me that you love only me

But you can't

You have no idea

That my love will fury with the brightest of all flames

It will never die but become immortal

Beating with the memory of our souls

Not far away

I left a letter explaining

Why only you can will my blood to run

I grab the railing and say goodbye

In the afterlife

We will reunite as