(A/N: Argh, I really should stop doing this, I know. It's awful, but every time I think I can let Matt and Angel go, I never quite manage it. A short start to what will hopefully become a good story, I hope you all like this little introduction piece from the one and only Angel Andrews. I'm going to hopefully experiment a lot with this story, again I hope to switch narratives but perhaps see through the eyes of new people like Fay and Fawn. I really hope that my old faithfuls (if you're still all with me) enjoy this and continue with your really sweet reviews. So, let the show commence!)

It sounded like such a beautifully cliché morning outside. Sun was shining, birds were singing, little school kids were screaming at each other on their way to some destructive act.

It's really mornings like that you don't want to open your eyes.

But when I did, I was rewarded.

He was sleeping still, his mouth slightly open and twitching a bit. He was walking beauty when he was awake, but god when he was asleep he looked like someone only a mother could love. He stirred, and his long dark hair fell over his face making him look a bit better.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that he's not attractive cuz he is - you all know that. It's just that when he's asleep, he's not so much. I snuggled up closer, and whispered to his neck.

"Wake up."

His eyes fluttered open instantly, those striking eyes of his that looked right through you from billboards, album covers and posters on bedrooms all over the wall. It was incredibly humbling to think that he could have been waking up with any girl he wanted, but he was waking up with me.

"Morning." He yawned and ran a pale hand through his hair. Now that he was awake, he looked much better. It's remarkable really. I leaned in for a morning kiss, because as we all know drowsy morning kisses are some of the best when you think about it. I pulled away and he lay down again, splaying his hair across the white pillow. I lay down beside him, right under a ray of sunshine while my own little ray of sunshine lay beside me. It was warm in the glow of both of them.

But enough of this sentimental mush. It's nice when it's happening, sure, but god I don't want to go on about it for ever.

I got up, while he lingered in the bed trying to persuade himself that if he just lay there for five more minutes he wouldn't fall asleep. I stumbled out of our massive bedroom onto the landing, where my favourite oddball was running around in fluffy bunny slippers wearing a black t-shirt that said "Daddy's Little Defect".

"Howdy cutie." He grinned, sliding to a stop in front of me.

"Morning Fay. I take it you've taken your Ritalin this morning?" I smiled. He giggled his little school girl giggle.

"When is Mr Mattie waking up because I'm all bored without him and who's going to make us breakfast?" He rushed all in the one breath as I walked and he leapt down the wide staircase.

"He's awake, just not up yet. You know our Mr Lazy Pants, he'll stay in bed as long as possible." I replied. Fay nodded as we walked past the Intercom system unit into the kitchen.

"Hey, I heard that!" Matt's little voice rattled from the Intercom speaker. "I thought we all agreed that I was to be called Monsieur Lazy Pants?"

I rolled my eyes and sat down while Fay once again attempted to cook something that resembled food. I assume Matt either heard or smelled the disastrous attempts as he was in the kitchen in the blinking of an eye and the twitching of a foot.

"Morning all." He beamed, sliding onto the high stool beside me with an elegance to rival that of a drunken monkey. He caught my bemused glance. "Hey, we all know that I'm very graceful, but I've only been up 5 minutes. It takes at least an hour before my ballet style grace kicks in." He smiled.

"That's what they all say." I grinned, and he kissed me.

"For someone so bitter you taste so sweet Miss Andrews." We kissed again, while something on the cooker hissed.

"The kitchen is a no kissing zone!" Fay exclaimed. "We've been over this before kiddies, kissing leads to things which lead to kitchen contamination!" He slid in between us, now wearing an apron over his t-shirt and underwear.

"Fay, you're running around in your underwear." I pointed out. He lowered his spatula.

"Good point. Hmm." He turned his back to us and continued to ruin whatever he was trying to make.

It was an idyllic start to the morning, something I had been enjoying greatly since my reunion with Matt Harris, emo boy, rockstar, manic depressive, ex-junkie but incredibly good looking centre of Andrew's Universe.

Who would have thought that the angel would fall?

Not me, I'll tell ya that for sure.