The Golden Booty Of Ravenhawk

By:Andrew Troy KelIer

It was a few weeks ago that I've recieved something in the morning mail and discovered that it was a package from my old friend,Professor Albert Tandembalm,which had contained an old map inside of it.

And after I've taken a closer look at it,I was shocked to discover that it was a map leading to the grandest treasure on Earth--the golden booty of Ravenhawk the pirate,which had disappeared after he has been caught and executed by the British fleet.

Of course,even though there has been some talk about a ghost haunting the site where Ravenhawk had possibly buried his loot,Albert had decided to go after the treasure anyway.

However,that has been a year ago and I haven't seen nor heard from him before I've recieved that package from him,which has gotten me to realize that I must follow the map to the treasure in order to discover what has happened to him.

And so,after I was finally able to gather the best crew that money could possibly buy,we've followed the entire map to the tropical island of Bongra,where we've made the shocking discovery of finding Albert's deceased corpse laying on the ground next to the entrance of a cave.

And then,after we've covered up Albert's dead body,we've gone into the cave and discovered that Ravenhawk's golden booty was indeed for real.

However,after we've turned around and were about to head for the cave entrance,we were also shocked to discover that Ravenhawk's ghostly curse was real,because his ghost has appeared from out of nowhere and sliced those poor devils to pieces with his sword,which had caused me to snatch one small piece of gold from the treasure pile and sneak myself out of there before that phantom ghost was able to turn his attention towards me.