Say Farewell

The way that trash cans attract swarming flies,
Ecstatic young girls are drawn to his side.
He calls them up, and whispers mushy lies.
None of them can see that he has no pride.
Every day, a different girl gets displayed.
He goes for his last girlfriend's closest friends,
Then wonders why they cry, and feel betrayed.
Acts unaware of the message he sends,
When he spends hours planning to ask girls out,
Only to leave them in misspelled e-mails.
Randomly leaves without a single doubt,
Just leaves her, wondering how she could fail.
How a boy who "beat" someone with two e's,
And barely maintains As in seminar
Can somehow be impossible to please.
When he sticks to every female like tar
And claims they're all so beautiful and sweet,
While heartlessly searching for someone new.
Believes he's too imprudent for deceit.
Should I try again to give him a clue?
Or perhaps I will simply say farewell,
And find someone who knows how to spell.