Twisted Love

You see the darkness in my eyes,

But do you see the light?

It's shining dimly, so dimly,

Your love could rekindle the dying flame,

Your beauty astounds me,

Shining from your eyes,

Can you see into my soul, I ask you?

Please hear my words,

I could be yours, if you were mine,

To have you in my arms, such thoughts haunt me,

These images in my dark and twisted mind,

The desires that control me, please, please see me,

Oh, the feelings I have for you,

Tearing up my mind, my soul,

The most beautiful pain imaginable,

You're an icy rose; it's petals frozen,

Cold and breathtaking, how I want to touch you,

How I want to tell you these things I feel,

Please don't flinch at my cold touch,

Don't walk away from me again,

Oh why, oh why, I try so hard,

Bewitched by you, I'm yours I swear!

Just be mine, now and for eternity,

Embrace me and love me.

Forbidden I know, but I care not!

Your hatred of me kills me inside,

But no, I'm already dead…

I implore you, take my hand!

And bring the life back into me,

Despise me no longer, worship me I beg!

It's twisted love, I know it is,

Return my twisted love, I plead!

Revive my soul and pity me,

Fall into my loving arms,

Trust my words, for they are true,

forbidden love, I yearn for you…